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Zoosk is one of the most popular dating sites that exist today. It has over 40 million members, who spend an average of 3 million messages a day. The site cannot be popular to this extent for no reason. The site’s dating approach is the main attraction, which works for many people.

Another thing is that there is room for those who want serious relationships, just as there is for the ones seeking flirting that could build into a relationship. However, some still wonder if this is the right site to join.

Zoosk was founded in December 2007 in California, USA, by two Iranian immigrant scholars Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr. The company experienced rapid growth and already had 650,000 paying members and 25 million members overall by 2014.

However, due to rapid expansion, the company had financial difficulties and was eventually acquired by Spark Networks in 2019. Nevertheless, this resulted in an even larger Zoosk with a substantial international membership base.

The company is currently owned by Zoosk Inc., based in San Fransisco, California. The company came alive due to Spark Networks’ acquisition of Zoosk. The company chose the Zoosk name for the emergent company because of its popularity in the online dating world.

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Zoosk Logo
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Unique features

  • A huge number of members to choose from when seeking a date.
  • A Smart pick technology algorithm enables you to narrow your search for a mate.
  • The carousel feature enables users to click if they like someone. It also informs you if they also clicked that they want you. Then a match is made.
  • There is a Facebook verification feature to control fake accounts. You can use your Facebook account to show that you are legit.
  • There are gifts in emojis and pictures that you can send someone to emphasize your interest in them.
  • Coin boosts can help you push your profile to the top of the pile for visibility. You can pay up to purchase the coins.

Free account and paid features

The Zoosk basic account is free. However, it is a free trial that lasts 30 days. During that time, you can set up your profile, add photos, browse profiles of potential partners in your area, and send likes.

After that, you pay for your membership to continue enjoying available features. There are monthly subscriptions, three-month subscriptions, and annual subscriptions. These are affordable rates compared to other sites, which is another advantage of using Zoosk.

What the site is best suited for

The fantastic thing about Zoosk is that it caters to all interests. Those who seek a serious relationship can find it there. Others who are looking for a casual relationship can also find it there.

However, the site is best suited for finding casual relationships, hoping to grow into more permanent ones. If you are strictly looking for a serious relationship, then you must be ready to reject quite a few suiters before you get there.


Zoosk is easy to operate. It has a great design that makes navigation a pretty straightforward process. Potential matches are presented to you one at a time.

This differs from the sites that offer a long list or page-wide grid. The app is used both on desktop and phone so that you can access it anywhere. Additionally, the carousel feature enables you to identify your potential matches quickly.

Personality test

Zoosk does not have a personality test. Choices on the site are made based on a person’s interests rather than their personality. When you list your interests, and another person does the same, matches are made based on that.

This can prove very useful in getting you the person who has a compatible interest with yours. However, even with the Smart pick technology, the matches are not always perfect.

Cost and discounts

Zoosk is not a site particularly heavy on discounts. Asides from the 10% discount when you first join and earning a few coins here and there, there isn’t anything else to expect. Conversely, the site is very affordable, which makes discounts unnecessary.

Zoosk Reviews

Common complaints about Zoosk

Despite their best efforts to weed out fake accounts, there have been complaints about encounters with several impersonated profiles. There have also been complaints about slow customer care services, probably because of the large membership.