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Navigating the world of dating can be a daunting task, especially in an age where superficiality often takes center stage. The quest for meaningful connections seems more elusive than ever, leaving many to wonder if technology has really made dating any better.

Enter Blindlee, a unique dating app that aims to put genuine conversations and personality back into the equation. This app is a relatively new entrant in the online dating scene but is rapidly gaining traction for its refreshing approach to matchmaking.

Blindlee takes the concept of “love is blind” and applies it literally, setting users up on 3-minute blurred video calls where the focus is on the conversation, not the looks. Designed with user safety and comfort in mind, Blindlee empowers its users, particularly women, by giving them control over the level of blur in these video interactions.

With its ever-growing user base and innovative take on dating, Blindlee is not just another app in an oversaturated market; it’s a pioneer. If you’re intrigued by this new way of finding a potential match, stick around as we delve deeper into what makes Blindlee a game-changer in the world of online dating.

Blindlee Review


  • Year Launched: 2019
  • User Base: 50,000+
  • Target Demographic: Individuals who are adventurous and curious
  • Unique Features: Created by two cousins who wanted to bring back the thrill of dating, with a blurred video call feature and icebreakers.

My Experience

In my personal experience, using Blindlee has been intuitive and hassle-free. The app’s modern design, paired with its romantic color scheme and clean interface, instantly appealed to me. I found it incredibly easy to download, install, and start using, which I think is a big plus for people like me who aren’t always up-to-date with technology.

What sets Blindlee apart for me in the sea of dating apps are its innovative features designed to encourage real, genuine connections. Unlike other platforms where I used to spend hours swiping through profile bios and pictures, Blindlee has this unique “blind” experience, built around a 3-minute blurred video call.

Once I got matched with someone meeting my criteria, I found myself on a blurred video call. The app even provides little icebreakers to help start the conversation, which I found really useful. As a woman, I appreciate the control I have over the level of blur on the call; it just makes the experience more comfortable for me.

Another aspect I personally value is Blindlee’s minimalist approach to user profiles. Instead of sifting through extensive personal information, you’re required only to enter basic details and interests. This lets the conversation during the video call serve as the real “‘profile”, focusing on authentic interactions rather than preconceived judgments.

Safety Measures

Safety-wise, I felt secure using Blindlee, thanks to its stringent verification process. I had to upload a photo of myself holding a handwritten note with my username and the current date. I think this feature is effective in reducing the chances of encountering fake profiles or scammers.

Blindlee also comes with a rating system, allowing me to rate my calls and flag any inappropriate behavior. I see this as a great way for the app to continually refine its user experience and maintain a respectful dating community.

If both parties are interested after the video call, I like how the app smoothly transitions you to a chat, allowing for more in-depth conversations and maybe even plans to meet in person.

Blindlee Dating App

Blindlee Cost

As of the information available, Blindlee is free to use. There might be in-app purchases or subscriptions introduced later, but for now, it offers a full experience without an upfront cost.

Common complaints

While Blindlee offers a unique and innovative approach to dating, it’s not without its criticisms. Here are some of the common complaints users have raised:

Limited Time Frame

The 3-minute time limit for each blurred video call can be both a blessing and a curse. For some, it may not provide enough time to gauge the compatibility or chemistry between parties. The short window can also make the interaction feel rushed or pressured.

Blurred Video

While the blurred video feature is intended to reduce superficial judgments, not all users appreciate it.

Limited Profile Information

The minimalist approach to profiles can be off-putting for those who prefer knowing more details about their potential match beforehand.


Blindlee offers a refreshing and unique take on the online dating scene by turning the traditional model on its head. Instead of swiping through profiles or meticulously crafting your own, the app lets your personality do the talking through 3-minute blurred video calls. This approach offers a level of spontaneity and excitement that is often missing from other dating apps, making each interaction feel like a mini-adventure.

The app has received positive reviews from reputable sources and incorporates a user-rating system that allows people to report inappropriate behavior, thereby continuously refining the user pool and improving the overall experience.

In summary, if you’re looking to break free from the routine of traditional dating apps and are open to trying something new, Blindlee offers an adventurous, safe, and engaging platform to connect with others. Its focus on real conversations and personality-first matching provides a unique and refreshing user experience in the digital dating landscape.

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