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What is EliteSingles?

EliteSingles are best suited for individuals looking for serious relationships. Of the existing members, more than two-thirds are academics. Although many of its members are academics, this is not a prerequisite for finding love. Everyone is very welcome.

Elite Singles was founded in 2013 by Affinates GmbH and is today one of the leading dating sites for well-educated singles. The purpose of the dating site is to provide a personal basis for their match. This is done in the form of a personality test that makes the user confident in their pursuit of love.


The matching algorithm is undeniably the most important feature of EliteSingles, but in addition to that, EliteSingles offers 50 predefined questions to facilitate the first contact. The first contact with a special match can be a nervous roller coaster, but with these predefined questions, it becomes like an open landscape that is only ready to be explored by the curious.

Dating is not always easy, but that’s why the website’s unique personality test exists. The personality test is based on the five-factor theory. It is the balance between them that makes up the unique composition of your future match.

EliteSingles is also available in the App for iOS and Android.

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Elite Singles

The famous personality test

The personality test begins with confirming your gender and which gender you are looking for. Then you fill in your birthday and state how important you think your partner’s age may be.

Then you fill in the relationship status, level of education, and how important it is for your potential partner to have a certain level of education. You also fill in a profession.

After the basics, the personality test takes a creative turn. Then you get two thumbnails where you can choose which image you prefer.

The two images are different, one is more colorful and the other is structured and in black and white. This is a very fun and creative feature that can be used during the first contact during the match.

Now it’s time for you to go through your own personality.

  • How important are making plans for you?
  • How easily do you get stressed?
  • How easily do you connect with other people?

This is rated among the answers on a scale from one to seven.

There are many good questions that can be of aid at the first contact and they include “Who pays on the first date?”, “If the date went well, what do you do afterwards?” And “during a conversation do you talk the most or do you listen the most?”

With the help of the Elite Singles personality test, the result gives a good picture of oneself and what one prefers. This is a good cornerstone for themselves and their future match.

EliteSingles cost

Members can choose between different memberships and must commit for at least three months if they do not choose basic (free) membership. In the basic membership, you get the opportunity for the results of the personality test, partner suggestions, the opportunity to read all profile texts, send smiles, likes, and upload photos. The prices for membership are not too high, but even if there is no guarantee of finding love, love has no price when it is found.

Common complaints about EliteSingles

A common complaint about EliteSingles is that “love costs”, is there a price that is too “high”? The dating services that are free are rarely free for long. It adds extra expense to have the ability to respond or to swipe.

A random selection is created on most free dating apps that are based on cool images to match, whereas Elite Singles creates a more personal match using their personality test.

A new type of consumer complaint against dating sites is fake profiles. There is no verification of identity on Elite Singles but Elite Singles does not allow old or inactive profiles to remain on the site.

The alternative selection of questions at Elite Singles makes it more difficult to create fake profiles and that is a clear advantage of Elite Singles.

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For the open individual, EliteSingles is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about themselves and others with the help of their individual personality test.

Opening up to love is never easy, but with the help of EliteSingles’ unique functions, it will be easy to meet the winter months with Elite Singles’ warmest members.