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  • Private and membership based
  • Only on iOS
  • Limited reach

Exclusive matchmaking

Finding the perfect partner is not easy. You are likely to have high standards. Thus, Tinder or Bumble just might not cut it for you. This is where Raya comes into place. Just about everyone has at least heard of it as it is used by millionaires and celebrities who are looking for a chance at love.

Besides, the app tends to be quite secretive and promotes exclusivity. Its wait time can be quite long. However, it is what adds to its charm as it is not for everyone. As someone who has used a few online dating platforms, I decided to sign up and give it a try.

Raya caters to highly educated or accomplished singles who want a companion in life. It is suitable for those who can wait a bit to find someone and are not in a huge hurry. Created in 2014, Raya has taken the online dating world by storm.

The app has been perfectly crafted like an intimate dinner party. Stars and influencers can rely on Raya to strike up a conversation and fall in love. Some of the celebrities who have been reported to have used the app include Owen Wilson, Sharon Stone, Ben Affleck, John Mayer, Harry Styles, and even Channing Tatum.

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Usability of the Raya app

When it to usability, I found Raya to be quite unique. However, it is definitely easy to use. The overall user interface is nothing like the mainstream apps. Although it is easy to sign up on the app, it tends to be very exclusive and does not just accept everyone. You will need to wait for quite some time to get approved if you meet the criteria. It could range from a week to even months. But, if you are famous on Instagram, it would boost your chances of getting accepted.

If you know someone who is using Raya, they should be able to recommend you and allow you to clear the strict requirements. The prestigious platform provides a few features once you get approved. You will need to answer plenty of questions during the application process such as your life goals, dating preferences, and more to determine if you are the right fit for the app or not. After you get approved, you get to choose whether to opt for work mode or social mode. Work mode allows you to find users in the industry, whereas, the social mode allows you to date and make friends.

Getting accepted by the committee

Raya has an algorithm in place to ensure that users find the perfect match. But, you will first need to be accepted by its anonymous committee. An Instagram following of at least 5,000 is considered the bare minimum. You will need to connect to your Instagram to get approved. The algorithm will be influenced by your online presence and will even check if any Raya members are already following you on Instagram. It is important that you understand that Raya focuses more on fame and your status rather than your personality.

Cost of Raya

Even though anyone can sign up for Raya for free, you will need to pay $9.999 USD every month once you get approved. Otherwise, you would be unable to use the app at all even if you are accepted to use the app. Therefore, you must be prepared to spend your money.

Raya App reviews


The main complaint against Raya is that it tends to be very exclusive and makes it difficult for an average person to get accepted. The fact that there is a committee involved in your approval makes it a difficult option, unlike other dating sites that provide instant access.

If you do not have a huge following on Instagram, you would have trouble getting accepted. Besides, you would be unlikely to find lots of users unless you live in a major city like Los Angeles or New York. But, I must mention that the users on Raya are attractive and have achieved a lot in their life. Therefore, if you already have many followers on Instagram, you should consider giving it a try. But, the app is not for those looking for casual sex or someone who has the same personality as them.