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Emma Stockton

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  • Primary Role: Researcher
  • Secondary Role: Author, Editor, Analyst
  • Education:
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
    • Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology
    • Pepperdine University’s MA in Psychology
  • Experience:
    • Professional Dating Coach (2020 – Current)
  • Areas of Expertise: 
    • Research & Evaluation
    • Testing & Assessment
    • Counseling Theories & Techniques

Emma Stockton is a licensed therapist and relationship expert with over a decade of experience helping individuals find love. She is the author of Tiamly.com, a popular online resource for those seeking guidance on navigating the world of online dating and relationships.

As a highly skilled and compassionate therapist, Emma has a deep understanding of the complexities of human connection and is dedicated to helping her clients find happiness and fulfillment in their relationships. She has particular expertise in online dating, having helped thousands of individuals successfully navigate the often-challenging world of online matchmaking.

Emma has a reputation for being a compassionate and supportive coach, able to provide valuable insight and guidance to those seeking to improve their love lives. With her knowledge and expertise, she has helped countless people find the happiness and connection they have been seeking.

Open positions

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any open positions at Tiamly. However, we are always open to collaboration with individuals who are like-minded and share our passion for dating apps. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration.

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What is Tiamly?

Tiamly is a popular dating and relationship resource by Emma Stockton.

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Send us an email at [email protected]

Who is Emma Stockton?

Emma Stockton is a widely recognized dating and relationship expert.