Interracial Dating Sites and Apps

It’s a fact of life: we all have unique personality traits and preferences. Whether it’s physical attractiveness or shared interests, we tend to have a clear idea of what we seek in a potential partner. Fortunately, online dating presents an opportunity to meet and connect with a diverse array of people.

No matter what your specific preferences may be, there’s someone out there for you. To assist you in your search, I’ve compiled a list of some of the finest interracial dating apps and websites available. These platforms not only provide a digital space to meet a variety of women and men but also offer valuable insights and advice on the intricacies of interracial dating. Take a look at the sites listed below to potentially discover that special someone who aligns with your unique preferences.

⭐ Best interracial dating sites

Zoosk Logo
  • Launched in 2000
  • 10 million users in the US
  • US/CA mostly
eharmony Logo
  • Launched in 2007
  • 40 million members worldwide
  • 80 countries and 25 languages
Silver Singles Logo
  • 50+ dating
  • Affordable membership
  • Popular dating site
30sDating Logo
  • 30+
  • New dating site
  • Active members
60sDating Logo
  • 50+
  • Newer dating site
  • Active community
6 Logo
  • Lots of members
  • Safe to use
  • Fits most people
OurTime Logo
  • Dating over 50
  • Free dating app
  • High success rate
Bumble Logo
  • Very popular app
  • Swiping (like Tinder)
  • Ladies have to initiate!
Happn Logo
  • Best geolocation app
  • Popular
  • Free download
Hinge Logo
  • Great dating app
  • Free signup
  • Cheap premium service
OkCupid Logo
  • Best free dating app
  • Inclusive dating
  • Personality test
Facebook Dating Logo
  • Signup with Facebook
  • Free membership
  • Easy matches
13 Logo
  • 100% free dating
  • International dating
  • Easy to use
Christian Mingle Logo
  • Biggest Christian community
  • Great dating app
  • High success rate
Singles50 Logo
  • Senior dating
  • Popular dating site
  • Good personality test
Academic Singles Logo
  • For ambitious people
  • Best matching feature
  • Relatively cheap service
Elite Singles Logo
  • Good personality test
  • Ambitious members
  • Best for US
JDate Logo
  • Jewish singles
  • International dating
  • Verified profiles
MeetVille Logo
  • High success rate
  • Great dating app
  • Many countries
Mingle2 Logo
  • High match rate
  • Great dating app
  • Free dating
The League Logo
  • For ambitious singles
  • Efficient matching
  • Focus on video chats
Badoo Logo
  • Great dating app
  • Inclusive dating
  • Free registration
Taimi Logo
  • LGBTQ+ dating
  • Great app
  • Very inclusive
NextLove Logo
  • Divorced and single parents
  • 61% women
  • Verified profiles

1. eHarmony



eHarmony is renowned for its compatibility-focused approach to matchmaking and is one of the most popular online dating services. The platform welcomes individuals from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, making it an attractive option for those seeking interracial relationships. Its in-depth personality assessment and commitment to fostering long-term connections have earned it a reputation as a reliable choice for diverse singles looking for love.


  • Compatibility Matching: eHarmony’s comprehensive personality questionnaire helps match users based on compatibility factors, fostering more meaningful connections.
  • Diverse User Base: eHarmony boasts a diverse user base, providing ample opportunities to meet individuals from different racial backgrounds.
  • Serious Relationships: The platform’s emphasis on compatibility and long-term relationships aligns with the goals of many individuals seeking interracial partnerships.
  • Inclusive Environment: eHarmony promotes an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, making it easier for users to explore interracial dating without feeling out of place.


  • Premium Features: While basic membership is available, access to all features often requires a premium subscription, which can be costly.
  • Limited Search Options: eHarmony’s compatibility-focused approach means that users have less control over who they can search for independently, potentially limiting choices.
  • Time-Consuming Sign-Up: The thorough sign-up process, including the personality assessment, may deter some users looking for quick connections.

Overall, eHarmony’s commitment to compatibility and diverse user base make it a promising platform for those interested in interracial dating. However, the premium cost and limited search options may not appeal to everyone.

2. Interracial Romance

InterracialRomance Dating Site

Interracial Romance is a niche dating site that celebrates diversity and fosters connections between individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. It provides a dedicated space for people seeking love and relationships across racial lines, promoting inclusivity and understanding.


  • Targeted Audience: Interracial Romance focuses exclusively on interracial dating, making it an ideal platform for those seeking partners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Inclusivity: The site fosters an inclusive environment where users can comfortably explore and engage in interracial dating without fear of prejudice.
  • Diverse User Base: Interracial Romance attracts a diverse user base, offering a wide pool of potential matches from various racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Specialized Features: The platform may offer unique features and resources tailored to the needs and preferences of individuals interested in interracial relationships.


  • Limited User Pool: As a niche dating site, Interracial Romance may have a smaller user base compared to mainstream platforms, potentially limiting options in certain regions.
  • Paid Membership: Access to premium features and communication tools may require a paid membership, which can be a drawback for those on a tight budget.
  • Niche Focus: While its niche focus is an advantage for some, it may exclude individuals seeking relationships without a specific racial or ethnic preference.

Interracial Romance provides a specialized platform for those enthusiastic about interracial dating, fostering an inclusive and understanding community. However, its niche focus and potential limitations may not suit everyone’s dating preferences or budget.


InterracialMatch Dating Site

InterracialMatch is a well-established dating site that specializes in connecting singles from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. It aims to create a welcoming space for people interested in interracial relationships, encouraging inclusivity and fostering connections based on shared interests and compatibility.


  • Diverse User Base: InterracialMatch attracts a diverse user base, offering a wide range of potential matches from various racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Inclusivity: The platform promotes an inclusive and accepting environment, making it comfortable for users to explore and engage in interracial dating without fear of prejudice.
  • Compatibility Matching: InterracialMatch employs compatibility algorithms to help users find meaningful connections, ensuring that matches share common interests and values.
  • Privacy Features: The site often includes privacy features that allow users to control who can view their profiles and communicate with them, enhancing security.


  • Paid Membership: Access to premium features and communication tools on InterracialMatch typically requires a paid membership, which may not be suitable for those on a tight budget.
  • Smaller User Pool: While the platform has a diverse user base, it may have a smaller membership compared to more mainstream dating sites, potentially limiting options in some regions.
  • Niche Focus: InterracialMatch caters specifically to interracial dating, which may not be suitable for individuals seeking relationships without a specific racial or ethnic preference.

In summary, InterracialMatch provides a dedicated platform for individuals interested in interracial relationships, emphasizing inclusivity and compatibility. However, the need for a paid membership and its niche focus may influence its appeal to certain users.

4. MixedMatch

MixedMatch Dating Site

In the realm of multiracial dating, MixedMatch stands out as a popular alternative for those seeking diverse connections. What sets MixedMatch apart from the rest is its user-friendly mobile app, available on both iPhone and Android devices. This feature makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking to connect while on the go or exploring new places.

MixedMatch caters to singles who are often interested in less serious dating experiences rather than long-term commitments. If you’re in search of a casual date or a fun encounter, this site could be the perfect fit for you. The majority of its user base consists of individuals of both black and white backgrounds, making it a hub for those seeking cross-cultural connections.

One of the appealing aspects of MixedMatch is its free sign-up option, allowing you to join and start engaging with other members without any initial cost. Whether you’re looking for a spontaneous chat or hoping to meet someone special, MixedMatch offers a convenient platform for multiracial dating.


  • Mobile App Access: MixedMatch provides a mobile app for both iPhone and Android users, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Casual Dating Focus: Ideal for individuals seeking casual dates and fun encounters.
  • Diverse User Base: The platform primarily caters to black and white individuals, promoting cross-cultural connections.
  • Free Sign-Up: You can join MixedMatch for free and start interacting with other members immediately.


  • Less Serious Relationships: MixedMatch primarily attracts users looking for casual dating experiences, which may not suit those seeking long-term commitments.
  • Niche User Base: While it encourages diversity, the site’s focus on black and white individuals may limit options for those interested in broader multiracial connections.

5. Swirlr

Swirlr Dating Site

Swirlr is a unique dating service tailored to the preferences of black and white individuals seeking meaningful connections. However, it’s not just limited to finding matches in your immediate city; Swirlr offers the opportunity to explore love beyond the confines of your neighborhood.

One standout feature of Swirlr is its flexibility when it comes to geographic settings. Unlike many dating services, Swirlr allows you to modify your location settings to virtually any place in the United States or even abroad. This remarkable feature positions Swirlr as a top choice for those interested in meeting multiracial couples, especially when traveling or residing in different regions.


  • Diverse Geographic Settings: Swirlr offers the flexibility to customize your geographic preferences, making it easier to connect with potential matches across the United States or internationally.
  • Multiracial Focus: The platform caters specifically to black and white individuals, fostering an environment for cross-cultural connections.
  • Travel-Friendly: Ideal for travelers seeking companionship or love while exploring new places.
  • Success Stories: Swirlr boasts success stories of couples who found love through the platform, inspiring hope for meaningful connections.


  • Limited to Black and White Individuals: While it encourages diversity within its niche, Swirlr’s focus on black and white individuals may not cater to those seeking broader multiracial relationships.
  • Limited Information Provided: The provided text doesn’t offer detailed information about specific features, safety measures, or pricing, which may require further exploration on the platform’s website.

6. InterracialCupid

InterracialCupid Dating Site

If you’re seeking a premium dating service to enhance your quest for love, Interracial Cupid presents itself as a compelling choice. It’s hailed as one of the premier interracial dating platforms, designed to help you find that special someone and cultivate a meaningful relationship. Regardless of your preferences, Interracial Cupid opens doors to connect with a diverse community of attractive individuals.

Signing up with Interracial Cupid is a straightforward process: All you need is a valid email address and a chosen username to kickstart your journey. Once registered, you can create a comprehensive profile, explore the site’s features, and enjoy instant messaging to initiate conversations with potential matches.

Moreover, Interracial Cupid recognizes the importance of accessibility in the modern dating landscape. To cater to the evolving needs of its users, the platform offers a mobile app compatible with Android devices. This mobile app ensures that you can stay connected and engaged, even while on the move.


  • Premium Dating Service: Interracial Cupid offers a premium dating experience, ideal for individuals seeking meaningful relationships.
  • Diverse Community: The platform boasts a diverse user base, providing a wide array of potential matches to interact with.
  • Easy Registration: Signing up is a hassle-free process, requiring only an email address and username.
  • Mobile App Availability: Interracial Cupid offers a mobile app for Android devices, ensuring convenient access to the platform.


  • Limited Information Provided: The text lacks detailed information about specific features, pricing, and safety measures, which may require further exploration on the platform’s website.
  • Platform Focus: While it encourages diversity within the interracial dating realm, Interracial Cupid primarily focuses on connecting individuals of different races, which may not cater to those seeking broader multiracial relationships.


The best interracial dating site is eHarmony. Its extensive matchmaking process and diverse user base make it the ideal platform for finding meaningful and long-lasting relationships with people of different races.