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Discreet dating for everyone with Be2

The dating site Be2 offers you as a member discreet, comfortable, and serious dating. If you are a romantic who is looking for a serious relationship, Be2 can be a good choice for you. The dating site was launched in 2004 by entrepreneurs Robert Wuttke and Andreas Etten.

Today, more than 33 million members from over 30 countries around the world use the service. The company currently has 225 employees from 41 countries and is growing daily.

One of the advantages of Be2’s service is that you can easily register completely free of charge. When you create an account, you need to fill out a personality test in order to get the best possible conditions for your dating. The website offers you a free account where you get access to a number of different functions.

You get, among other things, an evaluation of your personality test, a description of your perfect match, and access to send messages anonymously to other members. You can also use the premium function where you are guaranteed contact with at least 10 of your partner proposals.

Another advantage of the site is its stable gender balance. There are about as many members who are men as women.

The usability of Be2

Dating sites, today’s modern form of the formerly very popular personals you could read in, among other things, newspapers or on Teletext.

Dating online is often associated with the younger generations. But it is becoming more and more common for even older generations to try dating online in the hopes of finding love or just casual relationships without connections.

Creating an account on the website is very simple. When you create an account, you get help through a chat all the way, making the process quick and easy.

And thus useful for all ages, technically savvy and ignorant. The dating site also has an app that is compatible with both Android and Apple. The apps are also very easy to use and have a good and stylish design that makes them easy to navigate.

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The personality test is very good

The website offers a personality test to give you the absolute best conditions to succeed in your dating.

In your personality test, you get to answer questions about yourself but also questions about your future partner. You get to answer questions about your dreams and goals and your preferences for a partner, both personality and appearance.

By doing a personality test, the website can produce suggestions for matches in a better way. With the test, the website can get more information about how you are as a person, your interests, expectations, and dreams.

But since you also answer questions about your future partner in the test, that information is also used to give you a good match. The personality test you are asked to do is scientifically based in order to provide the best possible match to the users.

Be2 Cost and Discounts

The website offers you a free profile with a range of features that come free of charge.

But you as a member can also choose to become a premium member, where there is an additional cost for you.

Being a premium member has its benefits, including a guarantee that you will get in touch with at least 10 other members.

The website has different price proposals depending on how long you want to be a premium member. This makes it easy for you who want to be a premium member to find the option that suits you, your situation, and your price range.

Be 2 Reviews

Common complaints

A common complaint about the website has been that members felt that it was difficult to terminate their membership. This is obviously something the company has taken on and put a lot of time into improving.

Of course, the company does not want members to feel cheated or to be able to terminate their membership whenever they want. Therefore, the company has been very quick to respond to all reviews with a solution to the problem.

Another complaint that has come up has been that members felt that there are profiles on the website that are fake.

The website has worked hard to get rid of that rumor and tried to make it as clear as possible that Be2 does not create fake profiles.

To try to dispel that rumor, Be2 has even felt the need to print it on its website so that they do not create fake profiles to get a higher number of members.

Be2 does not see any profit in creating fake profiles as it does not lead to a successful match, which in turn does not create satisfied customers. The goal of the website is to create long-lasting, happy relationships between members.