How To Get A Girlfriend

I understand that relationships are a primal part of your life. Romantic relationships can be difficult to find, keep, and grow for some people, while easy for others.

Maybe for you, getting a romantic partner is challenging and tricky, as not everyone appreciates the same things.

However, women generally have more stable responses to certain actions which can be observed and understood to strike a connection with them.

This is a guide on how you can get a girlfriend by developing a romantic relationship with a girl of interest.


It is very important that you socialize. If you don’t, you will not meet anyone.

Therefore, you won’t be able to browse through your options and choose anyone. If you’re an introvert or have social anxiety issues, you can download a dating app. They are very helpful and very efficient in matching the same kinds of people. Keep in mind that not all apps are legit, so choose only the ones that are for a good experience.

But, if you can, you should socialize the old-school way, and not online. Go to parties, attend events, and even organize some of them. Meet people, greet them, and befriend them.

The larger your social group is the more women you will have as options for dating. Socializing, online or offline, is the first and foremost key to getting a girlfriend.


Striking a bond

After you have successfully met a group of women through your social activities, it is time to select one of them to be your romantic partner. Women are very diverse and often a little complicated, so this part is very crucial for the future of any relationship you get into.

Do not be hasty and indecisive in choosing your girl. Take your time with all of them during group outings, activities, or events.

Make it a point to get to know them at least at the surface level. Also make it a point that they not only notice you but also know you, too. However, make sure not to be pushy or inconvenient. Do not invade anyone’s space and do not be overbearing. Being either can make you look unappealing and unattractive.


Interests and opinions

Once you have respectfully earned the trust and friendship of the women you find interesting, work out a way in selecting any one of them as your potential girlfriend. Look into their personal qualities, interests, disinterests, opinions, etc in this process and be very picky.

Choosing the wrong person can result in a bad experience for both of you. So, be careful when doing this as it is another crucial decision that will decide the longevity and health of your relationship.

Make sure your priorities are the right ones. Try to focus less on physical and financial attributes as they are eventually changeable.

Try to focus more on mental and emotional attributes as they are less likely to be changed, and more likely to be permanent for most of your time with her. However, anything you feel is important to you, is important.

So, do not cross out things that bother you on someone else’s advice.


Showing an active interest

When you have narrowed down on the best person for you, show an active interest in her. And only her. Women are perceptive, so, if you are simultaneously showing active interest in multiple of them, there is a good chance that all of them will eventually find out and ditch you.

As a result, the best bet is to invest all of you into one of her. Remember that she still is a friend, or at best, a close friend so act accordingly.

Ask her out to group events in the beginning and gradually move to more alone time with her. If she is comfortable with one on one time with you from the get-go, don’t wait around. Go out for coffee, go watch a film, participate in sports or other activities together.

Additionally, show an active interest in not just your time with her, but also in her as a person.

Again, without being overbearing, overconfident, or disrespectful of her, ask her a lot of questions about her life, interests, hobbies, plans, and so on.

Spending more time with her is the safest bet. But, if you’re not able to do that for any reason, being in frequent touch with her through texts and phone calls is another way to strengthen your bond. Show a continuous active interest in her while respecting her boundaries.


Taking the chance

After you have completed all the above steps with success, it is time to take the chance and ask her the question.

Make sure when you do this, she feels as comfortable with you as you do with her. Take her out to somewhere special, maybe your first one-on-one hangout spot, or her favorite café.

Try to ease the question into a conversation instead of surprising her with it. Be gentle and kind. Try to elaborate on how or why you like her before putting the question to her.

Make sure she has hints of your liking of her at least for a few minutes before you actually ask her. Be as direct as you can as that conveys confidence in your feelings and decision.


Her reaction, your action

If her answer is yes, have a small celebration to show her how much it means to you.

If her answer is no, be respectful and understanding about it, move away, or remain just friends if that’s what both of you are comfortable with.