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Dating for busy professionals

One of the matchmaking services that you might have heard of is It’s Just Lunch. It is considered to be the most affordable traditional matchmaking service out there.

Established back in 1991, It’s Just Lunch claims to have set up over three million first dates. At a first glance, you might find dating packages to be costly. To help you make sense of the service, I want to share my experience.

It’s Just Lunch welcomes adults who are willing to pay their joining fee. The company claims that it will not take your hard-earned cash unless and until it has arranged a few quality dates for you based on your dating criteria. This is something that no other dating platform offers.

The matchmaker will present you with people who match with you and determine who you should go on a first date with. They will arrange the date.

Thus, you do not have to worry about anything. A reservation will be made for the date at a restaurant, café, or bar.

All you have to do is show up to the date and enjoy a good time. After completing my date, I was asked for feedback so that the matchmaker could hone select some new dates for me. For complete information about my experience, you need to read on.

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It's Just Lunch

Interview procedure

Regarding usability, It’s Just Lunch offers an onboarding interview procedure that is completely free of charge. I was impressed by the way everything works including the success rate of the dates, the type of users, and the high standards established by the service. The interview was definitely fun and provides relief from the usual online dating experience.

I spent around half an hour on the phone responding to the questions that the dating specialist had for me such as my interests, values, dating experience, the type of relationship I am looking for, my schedule, my job, deal-breakers, and any other important question.

Then, the specialist told me the number of dates that could be arranged based on the answers and my location.

Personalized matchmaking

After you have signed up, a matchmaker will take over your case and will have a video interview with you to get to know you better such as your personality, preferences, and your goals.

After getting to know you better, the matchmaker will present potential matches and share their pictures along with their information such as their interests, age, and who they are. What I liked most about the service was that all the contact information that could be used to identify me was kept confidential. This was possible because the process is not performed online but privately.

Once a mutual match is found by the matchmaker, a first date is set up at a café, bar, or restaurant according to what works best for you. The matchmaker would also follow up with the date and share better matches so that you can find the one. You can always pause the service to take a break and pick things up once you are ready to get back in the game.

The interactions I had with Its Just Lunch were personal and offline. The matchmaker has a huge database from which potential matches are derived. Only serious daters use the service. Every client undergoes background checks and an agreement is signed to confirm that the questions answered are true.

Customized pricing

The dating package is customized according to your location and answers. A minimum guaranteed number of dates is promised by the service.

The easier it is to find a match for you in your location the more dates you can expect. Therefore, the price of the service is based on your flexibility in terms of requirements and your location.

ItsJustLunch Reviews

Common complaints about It’s Just Lunch

It’s Just Lunch is a quality product. However, there are still plenty of online complaints against the service for failing to deliver the right service.

It seems as if location plays a huge role in your chances of success. You can always use dating websites as well.