Five Proven Tips For Succeeding With Tinder

It is not easy to create a dating profile, there is a lot to think about. Over the years, I have seen what works and what does not. No matter what you are looking for, it is important that your profile highlights you. There are common mistakes that can ruin the opportunity to meet the right person. Dating should be fun and exciting to get into. The online dating world is a whole new world if you have not done it before, so I will now tell you what you can think of when you start the journey to finding love in five simple tips.

1. Be yourself!


How many times have you not heard this? In a dating profile, you should be honest from the beginning. Do not write things that you think someone else wants to hear. Did you know that according to studies, users lie most about their age, salary, weight, and height? It is completely unnecessary because no one person has the same preferences as another. Remember that self-confidence and standing up for who you always go home to.

Statistically, it is most common for people to look for a partner who is open-minded, confident, friendly, and ambitious. If you are one of these, write it! Tell me who you are and do it like talking to a friend, it should not feel like a CV before a new job. Boast a little about yourself, but do not be complacent.

You can, for example, tell what you are good at, but not in a way that means that no one is as good as you. Remember that humor always goes home. It does not always have to be very serious to try to find someone, it should also be fun and you can develop a lot in a short time.

2. Use good pictures


First of all, do not take a picture with sunglasses on, we want to see what you look like. Nor does anyone want to only see pictures with you and your friends where it is not possible to distinguish who you are. The pictures should not be heavy with filters, the truth will come out if you decide to meet up. Use new pictures of yourself because I do not think anyone cares so much about what you looked like ten years ago. Ask someone to take pictures of you in environments where YOU stand out.

Statistics say that women usually fall for men who have a dog in one of their pictures, so if you have a dog, it can be smart to have a picture of you together. Otherwise, it is always good to take pictures when you are comfortable. Maybe it’s in the kitchen when you’re cooking when you’re out in the woods, or maybe it’s when you are sitting on the couch and are ready for a movie marathon.

A beautiful smile is something both men and women consider an important part of the look, so smile at your photos because it makes you more inviting.

3. Find out what you are looking for in a partner

There are many different people out there and no two are alike. Therefore, it can be good to know what is important to you, otherwise, it will soon be overwhelming. Do you want your partner to be outgoing? Thoughtful? Social? Quiet? Active? You may not know what you are looking for, but it can still be good to list in advance what you think is important in a future partner.

If you are looking for a relationship, there are certain qualities that both see as important, something that research also shows. Similar values ​​are an important part of a working relationship, look for someone who basically thinks and feels like you. You should also be able to trust your partner, so if you already feel in the beginning that something feels wrong, then it probably is.

A third characteristic that is important is commitment. Many people think it is important that both show a willingness to be together and a willingness to work on the relationship every day.

4. Find a partner with common interests


Nothing can be more important for a sustainable relationship than having common interests. In fact, common interests are what most people look for in a partner. It can be as simple as having the same sense of humor. Of course, you do not have to try to find a partner who only shares your interests. The relationship becomes more exciting if you also have different interests that you can test together. You can build a strong relationship from the beginning, have a special jargon with each other, and feel understood. All of this is important for a relationship and can make you develop common interests together.

5. Dare to start writing!


It is common for no one to dare to start writing, or just expect the other to start the conversation. You may not know how to start writing, but again, be yourself. It can be easier to start a conversation if you think about how you would like someone to start writing to you.

A simple tip is to comment on a picture or text in the profile. If the person has a picture of when he or she is cooking, write and ask what the person would like to cook for the type of food and why. If the person writes in their cinema that he or she works in healthcare, ask what makes the person work with just that. It can be a great way to start a conversation instead of just writing “Hello!”.

Be curious about the person you are writing with. It is a very nice compliment to feel that someone wants to know who you are. Sometimes not all conversations go the way you want but do not have too high expectations of the person you are writing with. There are always more fish in the sea and you will find the one you are looking for in the end!