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Are you a vegetarian or vegan tired of sifting through dating profiles, only to be disappointed when “loves barbecues” or “seafood enthusiast” appears in the bio? Do you yearn for a space where your plant-based lifestyle isn’t just understood but shared and celebrated?

Veggie Connection is a dating platform tailored specifically for those committed to a plant-based lifestyle. Unlike generic dating sites where your lifestyle choices might be misunderstood or overlooked, this platform provides a sanctuary for finding your leaf-loving soulmate or even a like-minded friend.

Founded in 2003 by Ken, a lifelong vegetarian and vegan, Veggie Connection aims to be more than just a dating site. It serves as a platform where plant-based individuals can find friends as well as romantic partners. Are you a vegetarian or vegan who feels geographically isolated or just looking for like-minded individuals? Then Veggie Connection might just be your go-to platform. 

VeggieConnection Review


  • Year Launched: 2003
  • User Base Size: Thousands
  • Target Demographic: Vegetarians and vegans
  • Unique Features: Credential verification, friendship and dating columns, international search options

My experience

First impressions are strong with Veggie Connection; it immediately feels like a welcoming environment tailored for a niche, often underserved, community. As for the design, it’s user-friendly and intuitive, although a modern update wouldn’t hurt. One standout feature is the unique search columns that allow you to look for friends as well as romantic partners. The platform even offers credential verification for added safety. To install the app, simply visit their homepage on mobile and click the menu icon to find it. Overall, the site makes a solid first impression but has some room for improvement.

Matchmaking Features

When it comes to search options, Veggie Connection goes above and beyond with two distinct search columns for finding friends and romantic partners, ensuring a more tailored experience for users.

In terms of profile quality, you can rest easy knowing that each profile is reviewed by Ken, ensuring both quality and authenticity across the board. This adds a layer of trust and credibility to the user experience.

Interaction is another strong suit of the platform. It offers various ways to connect, including pre-written greetings, emails, and T-mails that come with read alerts, making it easy to engage with potential matches.

All in all, Veggie Connection impresses with its specialized features and attention to detail, though it could benefit from a personality-based matching system for even more precise connections.

Community and Interaction

When I tested out Veggie Connection, one feature that really stood out to me was its passionate, tightly-knit community. Given that this platform is geared toward vegetarians and vegans, there’s an instant commonality that makes interactions far more meaningful. Conversations here effortlessly transition from basic introductions to discussions about shared values, favorite plant-based recipes, and the intricacies of vegan or vegetarian living.

And it’s not a one-size-fits-all community, either. I encountered people who have been vegetarians their whole lives alongside those who are recent converts to a vegan diet, all hailing from various ages, backgrounds, and locations but united in their commitment to ethical and healthy living.

Another aspect I appreciated was the flexibility in how you can interact with others. Unlike many dating sites that solely focus on romantic connections, Veggie Connection provides dual columns for seeking either friends or romantic partners. This thoughtful touch takes into account that not everyone is at the same life stage or looking for the same type of connection, which really adds a layer of customization to the whole experience.

Messaging and Chat

I found it incredibly easy to start a conversation once someone caught my eye. The messaging interface is straightforward, encouraging more substantive chats rather than relying on the often superficial swipe culture common to many dating apps. This design choice definitely promotes deeper connections and more meaningful interactions.

I was also impressed by the platform’s focus on building a trustworthy community through its optional Credentials system. In an era where online fraud is increasingly a concern, the ability to upload credentials for identity and professional verification really adds an extra layer of security and trust to the user experience. This feature not only assured me about the authenticity of other profiles but also let me feel more secure in sharing my own personal details.

To sum it up, Veggie Connection provides a safe, engaging, and customized platform that fosters meaningful connections among vegetarians and vegans.

Costs and Membership

As for the payment plans, Veggie Connection offers a free basic membership, which is a great way to test the waters. But if you’re looking to unlock premium features, they offer different subscription tiers to suit your needs.

Bronze Tier

  • 1 Month: $3.00
  • 3 Months: $6.00
  • 1 Year: $12.00

Silver Tier

  • 1 Month: $6.00
  • 3 Months: $12.00
  • 1 Year: $24.00

Gold Tier

  • 1 Month: $9.00
  • 3 Months: $18.00
  • 1 Year: $36.00


It functions as a not-for-profit platform and is primarily funded through financial subsidies provided by its founder, Ken, as well as contributions from volunteers. This approach really resonated with me, as it adds another layer of authenticity and community focus to the platform. It’s clear that the primary goal here is to create meaningful connections among vegetarians and vegans, rather than to turn a profit.

VeggieConnection Dating Site

Common Complaints

During my exploration of Veggie Connection, I did notice a few limitations worth mentioning. The platform seems to have a limited regional user base, which could be a hurdle if you’re located in a less populated area. The lack of a mobile app could also be a limitation for those who prefer on-the-go accessibility.


If you’re on the hunt for a space where you can genuinely connect with others who align with your plant-based lifestyle and ethical beliefs, Veggie Connection could be the community you’ve been waiting for. It’s not just a dating site; it’s a community that feels like home.