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Users are satisfied with Skout

Who says that every online dating experience should be the same? Sometimes, you just want to have a completely different experience. This is where Skout comes into the picture. It allows you to connect with millions of users across the globe. According to user data, it was that the platform ranks high when it comes to user satisfaction. It even outperformed and Grindr.

Skout was created back in 2007 and it allows you to choose from 16 different languages. Users rely on it to contact each other without having to deal with physical proximity issues. The platform aims to take online social interactions to the next level. If you are tired of using the same old online dating apps, you might want to try Skout.

To help you better understand Skout, I decided to give it a try. The website helps singles find friends, date, and get married. There are countless features on the app like sending virtual gifts and sharing pictures. You can even shake your phone to chat with a random user.

When Skout was purchased by Meet Me back in 2016, it had 3.5 million active users who used the app every month. Here is everything that you need to know about Skout so that you can decide if you should use it. 

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Sensory overload

When you join Skout, you will experience a sensory overload as it is not like any other dating app that you might have used. It has redefined the online dating experience. Something that differentiates Skout from other dating apps out there is that it allows you to chat with just about any user whose profile you come across in the Meet table.

Since there are many features, I found Skout to be a bit cluttered when I used the free version. However, when I switched to the premium option, I noticed that it was less cluttered. It also offered more features such as gaining access to backstage pictures. In order to create an account, I simply connected to my Facebook account.

Unlike Tinder where you and the person you like have to both swipe right on each other, there is no barrier on the app. I did receive many messages from users with whom I had no interest. It is something that draws everyone to the app as there are no obstacles in the way when trying to find someone to date. But, the app would be the best option for those looking to chat with others casually. Keep in mind that the free version has ads.

Detailed profiles

Skout does many things differently to get lots of people to sign up for its app. It is quite different from any other online dating app that I have used. As you have the option to not spend a penny, you can use the app to chat with people. You never know, you might even find someone whom you are compatible with. When someone checks out your profile, you will receive an alert. Users can also swipe the interesting option if they like someone. As the profiles on Skout are detailed, you should have no trouble getting an idea about each user’s personality.


Anyone can sign up to create an account on Skout for free. It is even possible to send messages without spending any money.

Getting a premium membership is definitely worth it as it helps put an end to pesky ads. It also lets you get a boost to gain more visibility. As the membership is rather affordable, it is a much better option than many other dating apps that cost more.

SKOUT Reviews


Some of the negative criticism against Skout includes the website being used by bots and underage members. Besides this, the free version has lots of pop-ups that can affect your experience. As there are types of people on the app and anyone can message you with you showing an interest, you will need to be prepared to deal with users who do not like. Otherwise, you can always use any other dating website.