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If you’re navigating the choppy waters of modern relationships, whether you’re knee-deep in the dating pool or trying to keep the romance alive in a long-term partnership, Relationship Hero claims to be the lighthouse guiding you safely to shore. But how does it differentiate itself in a crowded market filled with self-proclaimed ‘relationship gurus’ and generic advice that feels like it’s one-size-fits-all? What initially grabbed my attention was not just their focus on offering personalized coaching, but their philosophy of looking at relationship challenges as life challenges that can be conquered with the right strategy and mindset. This is not just another dating or relationship advice platform; this is your own personal relationship consultant, ready to dissect your issues and offer tailor-made advice. So, is Relationship Hero the secret weapon you’ve been missing in your love life? Stick around, and let’s dive in to find out.

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  • Year Launched: 2017
  • User base size: Over 100,000 clients served
  • Target demographic: Individuals and couples seeking personalized relationship coaching.
  • Unique features: Specialized coaches, personalized action plans, 24/7 availability, variety of communication options (Zoom, phone, text)


First impressions, stepping into the domain of Relationship Hero, I was met with an aura of professionalism and a clear goal-oriented approach. The focus here is on delivering specific, actionable advice which resonated well with me.

Design-wise, the platform is a breeze to navigate, making it easy to connect with a coach swiftly and without a fuss. The Client Handbook is a treasure trove of information, laying out what the journey from start to finish could look like along with various personal scenarios you might traverse with Relationship Hero. Moreover, their blog is packed with articles addressing common relationship hurdles and how to surmount them.

Special features include both individual and couples coaching options, availability around the clock, and a spectrum of communication modes encompassing Zoom, phone, and text.

Search options are tailored to ensure clients are paired up with coaches adept in the areas they seek assistance in, making the matchmaking process feel personal and well-thought-out.

Profile quality is not taken lightly here. Relationship Hero dives deep into assessing your relationship goals and worries to provide advice that’s as personalized as it can get.

Interaction is facilitated through a choice of direct coach-client channels, whether it be Zoom, phone calls, or text, making the communication feel flexible and convenient.

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Costs and Membership

The pricing at Relationship Hero has a flexible touch to it, with rates that hinge on the coach you opt for, usually swirling in the range of $80 to $250 an hour. For those eyeing a longer-term engagement, the offer of discounted rates on bulk hours is a sweet deal.

When it comes to raking in revenue, it’s a straight road. The heart of their earnings beats through the professional coaching services they provide, keeping the essence of doling out quality guidance and insights.


In a landscape brimming with generic relationship advice services, Relationship Hero emerges as a beacon of specialized guidance. What propels it beyond just personalized coaching from seasoned experts is its staunch devotion to self-awareness and personal growth. The website is a treasure chest of insights aimed at nurturing self-awareness and honing relationship skills. From a myriad of articles on their blog exploring the realms of dating and relationships to resources that offer a deep dive into your own relationship dynamics, there’s a lot to delve into.

With the promise of round-the-clock availability and a sharp focus on delivering actionable advice, Relationship Hero steps up as a worthy companion on your quest towards healthier, more joyful relationships. The coaches here aren’t just figureheads; they bring a rich tapestry of expertise to the table, ensuring the advice you receive is tailored, actionable, and squarely aimed at overcoming your unique challenges and meeting your objectives.

Whether you’re nursing the wounds of a recent breakup, navigating the choppy waters of your dating life, or keen on injecting new vitality into a long-term relationship, Relationship Hero is poised to provide immediate, specialized guidance that resonates with your situation. If your pursuit is geared towards actionable advice delivered with a touch of efficiency and is well-supported by resources that foster self-awareness, then casting your lot with Relationship Hero is a move well made, and it comes with high recommendations.