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Online dating as an LGBTQ individual

Dating as an LGBTQ individual is not easy. This is why it is important to use a dating app that is truly inclusive and caters to a diverse community. One of the few apps that gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals can use is Taimi. It has quickly emerged as a great option.

The best thing about Taimi is that it caters to everyone in the community in different ways. Even transgender singles who might have few dating options will find it to be useful. Understanding the hype behind Taimi is important. Although gay dating and gay marriage might have become more accepted, not every dating app caters to the LGBTQ community. Hence, it is important to use an app that has been designed for the community by the community.

To find out everything it has to offer, I decided to create an account on Taimi and want to share my experience here with you.

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More than just a dating app

Usability is something that I take very seriously when deciding which app to use. Taimi did a great job as it offers an easy-to-use app. In fact, it is so fun to use that you might not even notice the hours go by. Taimi is more than just a dating app, it is a social media platform that provides a safe space to the LGBTQ community. I had plenty of meaningful connections when I used it.

There are some areas where Taimi needs to work. I found it to be the perfect blend of a dating app and social media. It is truly inclusive and you can even use the free version without having to worry about minimal features.

As Taimi is packed with lots of features, you can use it for everything. Some of the features I loved include Stories, Swipe Undo, Live Streaming, and Customized Invisibility. With stories, you get to post stories and connect with the community. Let others find out more about the type of person you are by posting stories on the app. You also get to watch other users. Another feature that I found to be a lifesaver is Swipe Undo. It is easy to swipe too quickly and accidentally swipe left someone you actually like. To avoid such a mistake, you get to use Swipe Undo. On the other hand, you can use customizable invisibility to browse incognito and enjoy anonymous browsing.

Amazing singles near you

If there is one thing I noticed when using Taimi, it is the fact that the singles are amazing. Most of the users are interesting to talk to and attractive. With an algorithm in place, Taimi shows singles near you. As it has a large user base, you will have no trouble finding someone. Moreover, each user gets to share their pictures and includes all their information which will ensure that you get an idea about their personality and determine if they are the right fit for you or not.

When I used Taimi, I found the clear pictures and the question prompts to be useful when it came to deciding who I find interesting. Once you match with someone, you can send them a message and communicate with them to find out if the two of you click or not.

Taimi Reviews

Complaints about Taimi

There are a few complaints that Taimi users have shared online such as the payment tiers being complex, customer support not working, and glitches at times. Unless you have subscribed to its annual plan, you will end up paying a lot more. However, you can always stick to the free plan. Taimi is designed for LGBTQ singles who are looking for something serious or just a hookup. Besides, you will enjoy using its inclusive social media capabilities. Overall, it is modern and sleek. There are other dating sites that you can also check out if you are looking for more variety.