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Do you have an online dating account? Have you ever gone on a date with a person you met online?

If you have never used online websites or apps to find a date or a long-term relationship, chances are, you will in the future. 

Even though online dating websites have been around for almost as long as the Internet, they have never been as popular as they are today. A lot of factors have contributed to this. 

Migrations, for example, have played a significant role. People constantly move from one part of the world to another in search of peace or prosperity. Although moving frequently seems the sensible thing to do, it does not make getting used to the new culture and people any easier. As a result, many newcomers face isolation and loneliness and turn to dating websites in search of a friend, a date, or a partner.

Long working hours and Covid-19 restrictions have contributed to finding solace in our smartphones and, by extension, in social networks, dating apps, and websites. Nowadays, it almost seems natural to start bonding online before meeting in person.

⭐ Best Norwegian dating apps

1 Logo
  • ❤️ Mange medlemmer
  • ❤️ Trygg side
  • ❤️ Passer de fleste
C-Date Logo
  • ❤️ 18+
  • ❤️ Populært i Oslo
  • ❤️ Kontaktgaranti
Sexmøter Logo
  • ❤️ 18+
  • ❤️ Mange medlemmer
  • ❤️ Prisverdig medlemskap
Be2 Logo
  • ❤️ 30+
  • ❤️ Kontaktgaranti
  • ❤️ God personlighetstest
Victoria Milan Logo
  • ❤️ Voksen dating
  • ❤️ Mange medlemmer
  • ❤️ Prisverdig medlemskap
Academic Singles Logo
  • ❤️ 30+
  • ❤️ Beste matchende funksjon
  • ❤️ Mer seriøs dating
Singles50 Logo
  • ❤️ For 40+
  • ❤️ Populær side
  • ❤️ God personlighetstest
Ashley Madison Logo
  • ❤️ Casual dating
  • ❤️ Enkel å bruke app
  • ❤️ Verifiserte profiler
GaysLife Norge Logo
  • ❤️ Aktivt community
  • ❤️ 18+
  • ❤️ Både unga og eldre

Living and Dating in Norway

In his book The Social Guidebook to Norway, Julian Bourrelle, author of many books on cultural differences, explains that dating in Norway is diametrically opposite to dating in other Western cultures.

In most Western countries, he argues, people first go on a couple of dates, followed by walks in the park and movies at the movie theater. They like to get to know one another better before progressing to physical intimacy. Bourrelle goes on to humorously explain that the Norwegians prefer the opposite approach: they have sex first and then do the rest.

Norwegians believe that by getting sex out of the way as soon as possible, the woman (traditionally the wooed party) is not under pressure to ‘give in’ and ‘reward’ the partner’s patience with sex. Also, she cannot use sex as a bartering tool in a relationship. In this way, the two people involved become equal partners in a relationship. 

Of course, not all relationships in Norway happen this way. Still, you should not be surprised if your Norwegian date initializes sex early on in the relationship. 

For the Norwegians, however, real, emotional intimacy does not start with sex – quite the contrary. Once sex is out of the way, they will want to hang out and do different things together to get to know you better. And since they are very reserved people, it could take more time for them to truly commit to a relationship than you might have expected.

Are Dating Sites Popular in Norway?

Yes, they are. 

Many people use free dating apps or free versions of sites that also have paid versions. But the number of people willing to purchase a membership on one of the dating websites is on the rise, especially among those looking for a serious relationship. 

Dating websites/apps are most useful in big cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim, where population density is the biggest, and so is the number of single people.  

Norwegians also use many specialized dating websites, such as sites for people of a certain age, hobbies, education, long-distance relationships, etc.

Finding a Partner Online

Finding a partner online has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. 

One of the advantages of online dating is the possibility of socializing only with like-minded people. On traditional dates, we do not usually ask our date whether they want a serious relationship or just a fling, if they want to have children or whether they believe in marriage as an institution. Apps, however, can match people based on their values so that you do not have to ask many awkward questions.

Another pro of online dating is the ability to meet relatively many people quickly, which increases your chances of finding your match. Also, your first online dates (before you actually decide to go on a live one) can take place anywhere: while sitting on a bus, taking a bath, or standing in line at the supermarket.

Naturally, meeting people online also has some disadvantages. For example, despite being able to choose what type of person and relationship you want, you might still get unwanted messages from people who are unsuitable matches.

In addition, many people on dating websites misrepresent themselves. They are not always (completely) truthful about what they do, look like, or want in life. Finally, if you really want to find a partner on one of the online websites or apps, you should definitely get a paid account, so that you have access to everything the site offers. The problem is that a paid account can be pretty expensive.

The Best Dating Services in Norway at a Glance

Take a quick look at some of the best and most popular dating websites in Norway.

Dating service


Personality test

Verified profiles

Free version



Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Yes (limited)




Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Yes (limited)




Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Yes (limited)



Ashley Madison

Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Yes (limited)



Victoria Milan

Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Yes (limited)


Android Website Screenshot

Having been founded in 1995, is a pioneer in the online dating business. It is available in 15 languages and over 20 countries in the world. 

The website is dedicated to helping people find ‘the kind of relationship they are looking for.’ Still, it has a reputation of being better-suited for people who are looking for a more serious relationship.

The website has a lot of users internationally, so in addition to connecting with people living in your own country, you can also meet singles from abroad. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Advantages: Disadvantages:

Good matching algorithms

Can be time-consuming

Live chat customer care Monday to Friday

Limited customer support

Good success rate


A lot of live events for users



Be2 Website Screenshot

Be2 is a global matchmaking website with over 20 million members. 

One of the best things about Be2 is that people do not have to search for a partner on their own. Be2 members complete a science-based personality test which is then used to provide you with partner suggestions.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Be2:

Be2 Advantages:

Be2 Disadvantages:

Protection of personal data

Expensive premium membership

Well-rated by users

No 1-month package

‘Blur your picture’ option


Easy browsing



C-Date Website Screenshot

This Luxembourg-based dating service has been around since 2008. It is an excellent dating website choice if you are looking for a casual date or a one-night stand rather than a serious attachment. 

This global service has about two million profiles in 35 countries, so you can also extend your search abroad. C-Date is very reasonably priced and women can use it for free.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of C-Date:

C-Date Advantages:

C-Date Disadvantages:

Anonymous and safe

Complicated unsubscribing procedure

Manual photo verification

Customer support only via e-mail

‘Question of the day’ feature


Contact proposals


Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

This is the place to go if you are looking for an extramarital relationship.

At Ashley Madison, monogamy equals monotony. Their goal is to give married people a discreet way of connecting with like-minded people without attaching any stigma to the concept of adultery.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Ashley Madison:

Ashley Madison Advantages:

Ashley Madison Disadvantages:

Match recommendations

A lot of incomplete profiles

Affair guarantee within first 3 months (or your money back)

Not free for men

Additional security measures


Free for women


Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan Website Screenshot

Having a sexual relationship with other married people is not taboo at Victoria Milan.

If you wish to date married people in Norway or elsewhere in Europe, you should sign up with Victoria Milan. Considering the type of relationships it encourages, the website is committed to confidentiality, discretion, and data safety. Registering an account is simple, and users are advised to use pseudonyms. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Victoria Milan:

Victoria Milan Advantages:

Victoria Milan Disadvantages:

Easy to register and use

Messaging only for paid members

Victoria Milan blog

Automatically renewed subscription

Partial refund (money-back guarantee)


 How to Choose the Right Dating Service

Finding an online dating service can be difficult if you consider the fact that there are so many to choose from. The Internet provides a lot of information on all of them, but sometimes the best thing to do is to sign up with a free account before you see whether you like a particular service or not.

Your starting point should always be the type of relationship you want. Some websites encourage all kinds of relationships, from friendships to long-term relationships. In contrast, others are more focused on only one type of relationship (e.g., serious relationships, casual dating, flings, affairs, etc.). 

How to Make the Most out of Your Online Dating Experience

Once you have entered the world of online dating, you will soon realize that there are some things you cannot control or change. Nevertheless, you have power over how you present yourself to your potential partners. Here are some tips that will certainly help you make the most out of your online dating experience.

  • Know what you want

It is important to know your own expectations when you embark on this journey. Even though the compromise is frequently a good thing, you should not agree to things (and dates) that do not live up to your expectations.

  • Be honest

Nobody says you should be blunt to the point of rudeness, but letting others know about your intentions is always the right way to go.

  • Be cautious

Keep your expectations in check. This does not mean that you should be pessimistic about the possibility of finding a partner, but rather that you need to exercise some caution. Chances are, you will not find your match straight off the bat

  • Be objective

Present yourself realistically even if you think other people may not like you. Just because you do not like some of your own quirks does not mean that others may not find them charming.

  • Choose a good profile picture

Let us be honest: looks are important. But not necessarily good looks. You do not have to be beautiful, handsome, or sexy to appeal to somebody, so do not worry if you do not fit modern beauty standards. Still, make sure to choose a photo that highlights the best of you: perhaps your eyes or your smile.

Final Thoughts

Online dating is not all roses, and you should be aware of the potential drawbacks. It is usually better to expect less at the beginning and get more in the end than vice versa. 

Finding a partner online is different than meeting people the traditional way. But once you are past that, you will actually enjoy it. There are so many people out there worth meeting and many possibilities to explore. Just take a deep breath and dive in. 


Do Norwegians date around?

Although it is hard to give a universal answer to this question, the answer is more no than yes. Although it takes them longer than expected to start calling something a relationship, the Norwegians are usually exclusive.

What is the biggest dating ‘do’ in Norway?

The biggest one is probably equality. Men do not want to pressure women into something they are not comfortable with, so they frequently let women make the first move.

What is the biggest dating ‘don’t’ in Norway?

Asking a person out to dinner on a first date is definitely not something you should do. Norwegians prefer to eat at home.

What are the most popular websites/apps in Norway?

According to Statista, 14% of people who date online use free dating sites/apps. At the time of the 2018 survey, was in second place with 10% of users. 

Where is the best place to look for a date in Norway?

If you have to look, try online dating websites. You will have better chances of finding a date if you look for one in big cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, or Ålesund.