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Launched in 2017, Academic Singles exclusively targets highly educated individuals seeking like-minded partners. The site is owned by Commercial Register Luxembourg and today has over 110,000 members seeking love. The site is also popular in other countries, in the US there are over a million registered members who are looking for love.

At Academic Singles, as a highly educated single, you can find other singles to make contact with. The platform is ideal for educated singles genuinely seeking intellectual compatibility. There are lots of nice features to use, such as video calling. You can also do a personality test that finds any matches for you.


The site’s user-friendly interface and specific focus on academics make it an ideal choice for those seeking well-educated partners. Here you get a site that is niched for exactly what you want. You also get the ability to chat and make regular calls and video calls with your matches.

Academic Singles methods are based on scientifically designed questionnaires that match you with compatible singles. On the website, you can also read various different success stories from people who have used the site and found love.

The customer service at Academic Singles works excellently. All contact is via email and it is easy to get answers to questions and concerns. Academic Singles is careful to make members feel safe and secure and is a very safe site to use. You decide which information you want to share and no one has access to your private information. If you use the video call function, you are also protected with 128-bit SSL encryption. This means that connection data and personal data are not visible to third parties – you are therefore completely safe and completely anonymous.

Academic Singles’ website is classic and stylish, it is easy to use and the site is available both as a website and app. So you can take Academic Singles with you everywhere! The design goes hand in hand with the niche and it is clear that it is about serious dating.

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Personality test

It’s free to create an account with Academic Singles which makes it an excellent free dating site. After becoming a member, you can immediately take a personality test. The test evaluates your attitude, your opinions, and your expectations of a relationship. Then you get serious partner suggestions that fit with your particular personality type. After you have passed the tests, you can search and look for singles that suit you.


Like most other dating sites, Academic Singles offers a premium version. With premium, you can, among other things, send unlimited messages, see who has visited your profile, and read messages from other singles.

As a premium member, you will of course get more out of the site than you get with the free version. With the extra features, it will also be easier to reach more singles. You also get access to unlimited video chats, calls, and messages, which makes it easier to stay in touch. If you sign up for a longer subscription, you will get away with a cheaper monthly cost.

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A common complaint that comes up is the price. If you only want to try the premium function, you have to pay around $50, a juicy price for one month.

Another negative factor with Academic Singles is that it can be difficult to find someone who lives where you live. There are plenty of academics on the app, but it is not certain that they live close to you. It can be difficult if you find a perfect match that then turns out to live on the other side of the country, especially if no one would consider moving.

The biggest positive thing about Academic Singles is that they are niched towards a smaller target audience. It is easy to find like-minded people. Academic Singles manages to stand out in the industry because of its business concept. While similar platforms like Elite Singles also target successful singles, Academic Singles offers a more focused approach to the educated demographic.

In summary, Academic Singles offers a unique space for educated singles to find like-minded partners. Despite its higher cost and geographic limitations, its focus on academic compatibility makes it worth considering.


  • Niche-focused
  • High Security


  • High Cost
  • Geographic limitations