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In a world of countless dating apps and social platforms, where swiping and superficial connections often dominate, Geek Meet Club (GMC) emerges as a refreshing departure from the norm. What defines a geek or a nerd? It’s the audacious pursuit of passions that diverge from the conventional mainstream. While others may flock to sports arenas or seek solace in crowded pubs, geeks find solace in the intricate world of sci-fi, the immersive realms of computer gaming, the depths of Shakespearean literature, or any number of other activities that might leave the so-called “cool kids” bewildered.

Geek Meet Club stands as a sanctuary where these self-proclaimed geeks and nerds, regardless of their shapes, sizes, allegiances, or even their Assassin’s Creed, can unfurl their quirky banners without fear of judgment. It’s a digital haven where your inner geek is not only accepted but celebrated.

But who is GMC tailored for, you might wonder? It’s designed for the kindred spirits who’ve struggled to find companions who share their peculiar passions on the conventional dating and friendship apps. It’s a call to those who yearn for genuine connections, profound exchanges of ideas, and conversations that delve deeper than the surface.

GMC actively encourages its members to wear their enthusiasms like badges of honor. After all, shared interests provide a sturdy foundation for enduring relationships and serve as fantastic conversation starters. In the world of GMC, your quirks aren’t peculiarities but points of connection.

Geek Meet Club Dating

Overview of Geek Meet Club

A mere 10 months ago, Dennie, a self-proclaimed military geek, launched GMC into the dating scene, marking the inception of a venture tailored for like-minded geeky souls.

Geared towards the self-identified geeks and nerds residing in the UK, GMC emerges as a haven for those often finding it challenging to meet individuals who resonate with their unique interests on mainstream dating or friendship apps. The platform is crafted to nurture exchanges, spark stimulating conversations, and perhaps, lead to the unearthing of a special someone who shares the same geeky zest.

Standing as the UK’s inaugural all-encompassing hub for the self-professed geeks and nerds, GMC operates as a family-run endeavor, which adds a layer of trust as profiles aren’t disseminated across other networks. Though there isn’t a formal ID verification process, a manual review of profiles is in place. The platform presents a flexible stance allowing members to decide whether they are on a quest for romance, friendship, or networking opportunities.

From the moment I stepped into the digital realm of GMC, it was clear that this platform extends a warm welcome to the geek and nerd community, offering a judgment-free zone to flaunt one’s geekiness.

The website exudes a contemporary, vibrant aura, bustling with a plethora of information about what the platform entails. It houses a blog section brimming with engaging articles, quirky quizzes, and an array of other entertaining features that caught my eye.

Diving deeper, I discovered that GMC hosts an eclectic mix of events catering to various geeky inclinations. From quiz nights, cosplay discos, and virtual jeopardy sessions to history tours, murder mystery adventures, escape room challenges, potion crafting, leisurely picnics in the park, and board game evenings – the spectrum of activities is genuinely captivating. Over 50 geek-centric groups, intriguing quizzes, and a blend of offline and online events offer an expansive playground for nurturing connections amidst a community of kindred spirits.

Costs and Membership

GMC offers a free membership for exploration, with an affordable £4.99 per month subscription option or £29.99 per year without requiring a contract. There are three membership tiers to choose from. Free, Galactic, and Universal.


Free members can enjoy:

  • Creating a profile
  • Exploring the site
  • Searching members
  • Viewing the activity on the site
  • Trying our quizzes


The price for membership is £4.99 per month.

You can cancel at any time, you are not tied to a contract.

Galactic members can also enjoy:

  • Everything in the FREE membership
  • Unlimited connections
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited access to all groups


The price for membership is £29.99 per year.

You can cancel at any time, you are not tied to a contract.

Universal members can also enjoy:

  • Everything in the FREE and GALACTIC membership
  • Complimentary passes to our online events
  • A remarkable 50% discount on in-person event tickets
  • Receive a comprehensive online dating guide via email

Geek Meet Club Review


In a nutshell, Geek Meet Club (GMC) opens up a cool corner in the UK for geeks and nerds to meet up and geek out together. With a mix of different events and a welcoming vibe, it’s a go-to spot for anyone who might feel a bit lost in the crowd on mainstream apps. GMC is not about the mindless swiping left or right; it’s all about making real connections, having deep chats, and finding folks who get excited about the same quirky things you do. GMC really cheers on everyone to let their geek flag fly high, knowing that shared nerdiness is often the start of awesome relationships.

So, if you’re on the lookout for romance, new buddies, or just a place to be your real geeky self, GMC is calling out to you. Created by geeks, for geeks, it’s a place where you’ll find open arms and the chance to show off your geekiness without a second thought.

In the big wild world of online dating, Geek Meet Club is its own cool little star, shining bright for those ready to own their geekiness and celebrate what makes them unique.