Most Popular Dating Sites and Apps in The Netherlands 2022

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Despite our need to bond with fellow human beings, finding a suitable partner and maintaining healthy relationships has become one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

One thing that has caused massive social isolation is, ironically enough, the invention of the smartphone. This seemingly omnipotent gadget has become our best friend and the best source of information, knowledge, and entertainment. 

So much so that we hardly need to look elsewhere for company. 

Nonetheless, even though we cannot imagine our lives without smartphones, they have proved unable to take the place of real people made of flesh and blood.

Luckily, even if you have become so accustomed to relying on your phone that you forget to look for company, online dating websites and apps are here to help you. With their assistance, you can find a friend, lover, partner, or spouse. Or anything else you desire, for that matter. 

Read on to learn how to do it.

⭐ Best Dutch dating apps

C-Date Logo
  • 💘 52% vrouwen
  • 💘 18+
  • 💘 Hoge match-rate
Victoria Milan Logo
  • 💘 18+
  • 💘 Veel leden
  • 💘 Prijswaardig lidmaatschap
3 Logo
  • 💘 Grootste van Nederland
  • 💘 Goed matching systeem
  • 💘 Goede genderverdeling
Academic Singles Logo
  • 💘 30+
  • 💘 Best passende functie
  • 💘 Relatief goedkope service
Ourtime Logo
  • 💘 Voor singles boven de 50
  • 💘 Beste persoonlijkheidstest
  • 💘 Geverifieerde profielen
Ashley Madison Logo
  • 💘 Casual dating
  • 💘 Makkelijk te gebruiken app
  • 💘 Geverifieerde profielen
Sexbook Logo
  • 💘 Veel Nederlandse leden
  • 💘 Gratis registratie
  • 💘 18+
Be2 Logo
  • 💘 Serieuze relaties
  • 💘 Contact garantie
  • 💘 Goede persoonlijkheidstest
50PlusMatch Logo
  • 💘 Voor 50+
  • 💘 Gelijkmatige leeftijdsverdeling
  • 💘 Betaalbare service
RealSwingers NL Logo
  • 💘 Grootste site van NL
  • 💘 Amateurs zijn welkom
  • 💘 Jij bepaalt het tempo
Parship Logo
  • 💘 Uniek persoonlijkheidsrapport
  • 💘 1 op de 3 vindt hier een partner
  • 💘 Makkelijk te gebruiken app
Match4Me Logo
  • 💘 Stuur persoonlijke berichten
  • 💘 Handmatige controle van alle profielen
  • 💘 Daten voor hoger opgeleide singles
e-Matching Logo
  • 💘 Veel Nederlandse leden
  • 💘 Gelijkmatige verdeling van geslacht
  • 💘 Gratis aanmelden

Living and Dating in the Netherlands

Perhaps the Dutch version of ‘It’s not all unicorns and rainbows’ should go ‘It’s not all tulips and windmills.’ 

Or something similarly sobering.

Dating in the Netherlands is both challenging and easy – depending on your expectations, that is. You will find it difficult if you are used to the traditional wooing and playing hard to get. The Dutch are not into all that.

On the other hand, you will find dating in Holland enjoyable if you are a practical person who does not like to beat much around the bush. That is what the Dutch are like too: practical and straightforward.

As far as dating people from other countries and cultures is concerned, you do not have to worry about hitting any dead ends. The Dutch are a very open-minded and diverse nation where many cultures meet and greet. So, you do not need to have any misgivings about being able to find a Dutch boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you wish to invite a Dutch person out for drinks, go ahead and do so – they favor a direct and honest approach. However, do not plan to take them (or expect to be taken) to a fancy restaurant on your first date. The Dutch prefer a laid-back atmosphere with some beer and bitterballen (meatballs, essentially).

There are more than one or two dating scenarios in the land of the Dutch, so it is really difficult to say in advance what you need to prepare yourself for. It all depends on who you meet and how things develop over time. 

The Dutch prefer to let their relationships develop slowly, and it is not uncommon for them to move in and have children together before getting married. Testing a partner in all aspects of life before tying the knot says something about the nation’s commitment to pragmatism.

Are Dating Sites Popular in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a modern, forward-looking country that welcomes everything there to make their lives even more practical. So naturally, dating websites are very popular.

According to one of Statista’s surveys, around 60% of the Dutch use dating websites and apps to find a relationship. Free dating services are widely popular, and many websites are available only in Dutch. However, if you are an expat or somebody going to the Netherlands for work or study, your best bet is one of the global dating services.

Finding a Partner Online

Finding a partner online can be much easier than finding one in person. For example, when you walk into a store and see a person you like, you do not know if they are available or even looking for a partner. But when you are on a dating site or app, there is no mistake.

Another good reason to try dating websites is if you have a problem approaching people. Online dating services provide a great shield for shy people who find it hard to open up. They allow them to get to feel comfortable around someone before they decide to meet them in person.

If you are one of those people who really like to hang out but are too busy to go out, dating apps are a real treasure. Being on your smartphone device, dating apps are accessible to you at all times. You can literally talk or exchange messages with someone while taking a break from work, commuting to work or school or lying on your couch in the living room.

The Best Dating Services in the Netherlands at a Glance

Take a quick look at the best and most popular dating websites in the Netherlands.

Dating service


Personality test

Verified profiles

Free version


Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Yes (limited)




Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Yes (limited)




Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Yes (limited)



Ashley Madison

Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Free for women

Limited for men



Victoria Milan

Heterosexual and homosexual relationships



Yes (limited)



Lexa Screenshot is a member of the Match Group and is popular in the Netherlands among people looking for serious relationships. supports all types of meaningful relationships and organizes many different events to help people bond.

You can subscribe to Lexa’s dating services for one, three, or six months.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Advantages: Disadvantages:

An in-depth website with useful information and tips

Pricey membership

Intelligent matching

Anonymous payment is not possible

Excellent features

Difficult to cancel the subscription

Reliable and safe



Be2 Website Screenshot

Be2 is a global dating website that is also very popular among the Dutch. Its growing user base makes it an ideal place to meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Designed mostly for finding long-term relationships, Be2 helps its users connect with the help of a unique personality test and matching algorithm.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Be2:

Be2 Advantages:

Be2 Disadvantages:

Free partner recommendations

Subscription is automatically renewed

Excellent gender ratio

Low-cost transparency

Scientifically based compatibility Index


Private and secure



C-Date Website Screenshot

C-Date is a website well known for connecting people looking for a bit of fun with no strings attached. 

The global nature of the website allows its visitors to search for people in their own country or abroad. Although it can be used for free, the best features are reserved for paid members. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of C-Date:

C-Date Advantages:

C-Date Disadvantages:

Excellent profile protection

A 1-month subscription is not available everywhere

Safe photo exchange

Slow customer service

Matching based on compatibility


72% flirt success


Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a Canada-based online dating service present in 53 countries throughout the world. It is designed for married people looking for a sexual relationship outside their marriage. 

The website has a very active community and women are allowed to use all of the site’s services for free. Men, on the other hand, are required to purchase credits. Each service on the site is worth a certain amount of credits, and male users only pay for those services they choose to use.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Ashley Madison:

Ashley Madison Advantages:

Ashley Madison Disadvantages:

Basic, Classic, and Elite plan

Many profiles are fake

Good matching rate

Costly credits

Anonymous features and profiles


User-friendly design


Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan Website Screenshot

Victoria Milan is another dating service for people looking for affairs. As such, it focuses on discretion and features guaranteeing its users’ anonymity.

Registration is free and does not take long to complete as users are required to write only basic information about themselves.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Victoria Milan:

Victoria Milan Advantages:

Victoria Milan Disadvantages:

Highest level of security

The free version has lots of ads

‘Blur photo’ and ‘Panic button’ features

High possibility of fake profiles

Modern, appealing app


 How to Choose the Right Dating Service

Even though all the information about dating websites and apps is available on the Internet, the sheer volume of them can be your first stumbling block upon stepping into the world of online dating.

Usually, the best way to narrow your search is to define the type of relationship you want. Most dating websites and apps focus on one type of relationship. If time is of the essence and you want to find a suitable partner as soon as possible, it is better to go to the website which offers what you want. If you are not in a hurry, you can test different sites and see which one you like best. 

Either way, you will have much better chances of finding your match if you decide to purchase a membership. Even though all of the sites allow you to sign up for free and use their free versions, they do not allow you to send or reply to messages or exchange photos with the people you like. The sites also have many other features which significantly increase your chances of finding a partner and are only available to paid users.

How to Make the Most out of Your Online Dating Experience

There are a lot of things you can do that can make your online dating experience much more successful and fun:

  • Take the time to complete your profile

Of course, what detail you will go into when completing your profile really depends on the type of relationship you are looking for. The more serious the relationship, the more profile information is required. 

  • Choose a good profile photo

A photo is a part of your profile and should show the essence of who you are (and what you want). Choose a more provocative image if you want a casual relationship or fling. If you want something more serious, simply choose a good, well-lit photo of yourself that accents what you most like about yourself.

  • Go through partner suggestions

Depending on the dating app you chose to use, you might get partner suggestions. These are usually based on some type of personality test or matching algorithm. Even though these tests and algorithms do not always get things right, it is best to consider all of them.

  • Start looking and mingle

Partner suggestions are not the only way to find a partner. You can actually search for your match based on your preferences. It is also a good idea to participate in different events your website organizes.

  • Make a move

Making the first move on a dating website is definitely not as intimidating as in person. So, take a deep breath and write that first message – you have nothing to lose.

Final Thoughts

Online dating is not everybody’s cup of tea. Even so, perhaps it is worth giving a try.

Though they have their share of disadvantages, dating websites and apps truly offer so much to make it easier for you to find a partner and bring more joy into your life. However, if you are a skeptic, bear in mind that they are only a means of reaching the goal: a happier you.


What should I wear on my date with my Dutch boyfriend/girlfriend?

Because the date will probably be a laid-back affair, it is best to dress casually.

Do the Dutch use Tinder?

Yes, some of them use Tinder, but mostly for casual dating and one-night stands.

Why is ‘going Dutch’ part of Dutch dating etiquette?

The practice of each paying for what they have ordered is not only limited to dating but also when going out with friends. The Dutch do not see anything bad in it – quite the contrary. They do not know the other person’s finances and do not wish to burden them with the cost of what they have drunk or eaten.

Are women expected to make the first move?

They can if they want to. Unlike in some other countries where asking a woman on a date is considered an act of chivalry, in the Netherlands, where pragmatism comes before all else, it is absolutely okay for it to be the other way around.

Do the Dutch talk on dates or do they prefer to be silent?

The Dutch are not necessarily known for being silent and enjoying it (although there are surely some who like it). You can even expect some unusually direct and intimate questions on your first date (e.g. ‘How many people have you slept with?’).