Dating Sites in Denmark

Welcome to Denmark, a country known for its cozy embrace of hygge, innovative design, and a romance scene as unique as its captivating landscapes. I’m Emma, and my own romantic journey has taken me through the charming cobblestone streets of Copenhagen to the breathtaking coastlines of Jutland. Along the way, I’ve discovered the Danish dating sites that truly excel. These platforms have been personally vetted by me, ensuring that whether you’re in search of a deep and meaningful connection or a casual date, this is your exclusive invitation to experience love, the Danish way.

⭐ Best Danish dating sites and apps 2024

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  • Ny dating site
  • Aktive medlemmer
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  • 40+
  • Populær
  • Rigtig god personlighedstest
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  • Billigt medlemskab
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Match Denmark

If you’re in Denmark and seeking a platform for meaningful connections, Match is certainly a tried-and-true option. With a legacy spanning over 25 years, the site has facilitated countless long-term relationships and marriages. The site accommodates international aspirations as well, being available in 12 languages.

During my time on Match, I noticed the ample space provided for profile customization can include up to 26 pictures and specify your preferences in your potential match, tailoring your search more effectively. distinguishes itself by its unwavering commitment to fostering authentic connections for people of all sexual orientations. Whether you opt for a free or premium membership, the platform places a strong emphasis on prioritizing user safety and meticulously verifying profiles. This unyielding dedication to quality creates a secure and dependable space where members, including those within the bisexual community, can confidently explore the realm of romance.

Throughout its extensive history, has played a pivotal role in bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique stories of love and companionship. It remains a reliable and trusted brand, offering hope and opportunities to people, including those who identify as bisexual, as they embark on their individual journeys to discover love and forge meaningful connections in the digital age.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of

Match Advantages:Match Disadvantages:
Well-established dating siteA bit pricey
Compatibility IndexLong registration procedure
7 daily matches 
Large user base 


Be2 Denmark

Be2’s footprint in Denmark adds an interesting layer to the local dating ecosystem, particularly for those looking for something more serious. With a presence in 37 countries and a roster of over 20 million members, the site offers a personalized matchmaking experience.

The in-depth personality test informs the daily matching profiles you receive. A unique aspect I appreciated was the compatibility percentage displayed on each profile, providing quantifiable insight into potential matches.

Be2 is a reputable dating site known for its commitment to helping individuals find meaningful and compatible relationships. With a user-friendly interface and a sophisticated matching algorithm, Be2 connects users based on their unique personality traits and relationship preferences. This platform values quality over quantity, focusing on facilitating genuine connections that have the potential to blossom into long-lasting partnerships. Whether you’re looking for love, companionship, or friendship, Be2 provides a safe and welcoming space for people to explore and nurture meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Be2:

Be2 Advantages:Be2 Disadvantages:
High success ratePricey membership
Good gender balanceVery limited options for free users
Available worldwideFake profiles
Modern app 


C-Date Denmark

C-Date introduces a distinct flavor to Denmark’s dating landscape, with a primary focus on catering to individuals seeking casual encounters rather than committing to long-term relationships. This international platform spans across 35 countries and is designed to streamline the process of finding a fleeting connection or a memorable one-night rendezvous.

What sets C-Date apart is its inclusive approach, where women can enjoy free access to the site, while men can explore its offerings through a complimentary trial. The platform offers valuable contact suggestions and keeps you informed about who’s shown interest in your profile. The ‘like’ or ‘pass’ feature elegantly organizes your potential matches into an ‘Attractive Contacts’ list, simplifying the journey to finding the right connection.

C-Date is a popular online matchmaking service that aims to provide a versatile platform for dating and meetings. The platform has over 36 million users worldwide and offers an even distribution of both male and female members. It is free to register as a member on C-Date, giving users the opportunity to explore the platform before considering an upgrade to a premium membership.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of C-Date:

C-Date Advantages:C-Date Disadvantages:
Free for womenNot free for men
Numerous featuresSome limited accessibility on the app
3-minute registration 
Match suggestions according to preferences 


If you are new to Denmark, you’ll find that connecting with the local culture can be a rewarding experience.

In addition to the changeable weather, unique cuisine, and the initial reserve of the locals, you might notice that Danes often enjoy socializing with a drink or two. While they may appear reserved at first, it’s important to understand that Danes are generally open to getting to know new people, and they can be quite friendly once you establish a connection.

Danes may not immediately engage in conversations with strangers, but this is more about their initial caution rather than a lack of interest. They value building genuine relationships, and this approach may actually enhance the depth of your interactions.

Building connections with Danes often occurs through mutual friends or in the workplace, which provides opportunities to gradually get to know one another.

The workplace, in particular, can be an excellent place to connect with Danes because it allows them to become familiar with you over time, which aligns with their preference for meaningful relationships.

Once you’ve established a connection with a Dane and they agree to socialize with you, you’ll find that sharing a drink can be a great way to break the ice. Danes may not be known for excessive small talk, especially with new acquaintances, but after a few drinks, you’ll likely find the conversations flowing more naturally.

Interestingly, the Danish language lacks a specific word for ‘dating.’ This reflects their unique approach to relationships, which can be both casual and long-term, often involving close ties to their partner’s family.

Danes value modesty and appreciate simplicity in social interactions. So, when you invite them out (and they accept), consider relaxed and informal activities like enjoying a beer at a cozy bar, exploring a museum, or taking a leisurely walk in the park. These low-pressure outings allow for easy adjustments and foster genuine connections.

Moreover, because Danes are known for their punctuality and time management, it’s advisable to plan your dates with some notice. This shows respect for their schedules and allows for smoother coordination, enhancing your chances of enjoying quality time together.


Dating sites are definitely popular among the Danish. In Statista’s 2020 survey, 23% of people aged 16 to 24 and 19% of people aged 25 to 34 reported having used a dating app. A lot of people who initially connected through a dating service have ended up getting married.

There are plenty of free and paid dating services in Denmark to choose from, but you may find it challenging to find an online date if you are a foreigner – especially if you are looking for more than just a fling. In that case, your best bet is probably some of the more global sites (more on that later).


Although finding a partner online can pose its challenges, it has also become increasingly convenient. Many individuals recognize that dating websites and apps offer a unique opportunity to connect with potential matches in a relaxed environment.

In Denmark, where people tend to take a more gradual approach to relationships, utilizing dating websites makes a lot of sense. It allows you to pace your connection, fostering a sense of comfort and ease.

To enhance your chances of finding a compatible date, it’s crucial to select the right dating service. Start by conducting an internet search to explore the various options available, tailoring your choice to the type of relationship you desire, whether it’s a serious commitment, a casual encounter, a friendship, or even a one-night meeting.


You can find all you need to know about them on the Internet.

It will help if you exercise caution, though. The Internet is a source of an enormous amount of information, but not all of it is reliable and helpful. 

What is confusing is that one source may contain positive reviews about a dating service while another will advise you to stay away from it because it is a scam. An objective review will not focus only on the negatives or only on the positives – it will include both. 


Once you’ve identified a dating website that aligns with your relationship goals, the next step is to create an account. If budget constraints are a concern, you can begin by using the website’s free version, although it may have limited features. However, if you are seeking a serious and comprehensive dating experience, it’s advisable to consider purchasing a membership to access all of the site’s functionalities.

In your online dating journey, you may encounter challenges that could potentially affect your experience. It’s essential to be prepared and resilient, not allowing these obstacles to deter you.

For instance, it’s possible that you may not immediately find someone who piques your interest, or you might receive attention from individuals who don’t align with your preferences. You may also encounter unwanted messages from people who don’t match your dating criteria. In such situations, it’s important to stay patient, maintain your standards, and use the platform’s features to filter and interact with those who genuinely interest you.

Here are some things you can do to make your online dating experience better:

  • Create a good profile (and include a good photo)

You should complete your profile with care, making sure to write everything essential to know about you. This will improve your chances of finding a match, especially if you want a serious relationship. 

Putting a good photo of yourself is also important. Do not use too many filters on it, as it is best to keep things real – also, you will avoid unpleasant surprises if you ever decide to meet in person.

  • Be honest

Be upfront about who you are and what you are looking for. There is no point wasting your own and other people’s time.

  • Get in touch

Use as many options provided by the site of choice to get in touch with potential partners. Do not wait for others to contact you – be proactive and feel free to take the first step.

  • Be patient

Do not expect to find the right match on the first day. It often takes time, even with the websites which do the personalized matching. We are humans, after all, and no test can get things right 100% of the time.


Match is the top dating app in Denmark, offering effective matching algorithms and live customer support for a high success rate in finding serious relationships.


Are Danish women known to make the first move?

Yes. Because their culture is based on equality, the Danish do not consider it unusual when a woman initiates a first date.

What is good to know before I date a Danish person?

The Danish value their personal space and privacy, so it is important to give them the space they need and not be too pushy. It is important to be patient, as the Danish take a while to warm up to new people and tend to be more reserved in the early stages of relationships.