Best Dating Apps in India

Swiping right in the land of Bollywood and rich traditions? I’ve been down that road. While tech-savvy India is at the forefront of digital evolution, when it comes to love, we all crave something more authentic than just a swipe. I’ve waded through the myriad of dating apps available in India to bring you options that strike the perfect balance between modern love and traditional values.

⭐ best dating apps in India


Bumble Logo
  • Popular app
  • Swiping feature
  • Ladies initiate

Bumble is another of India’s dating apps which is among the best in the country with an additional twist feature. Here, after matching with a person, it’s women who then make the first move. This helps in breaking the stereotype of men starting a conversation like in other apps. Concerning the same sex, either person can make the initial move. This, alongside other stringent rules, makes the app user-friendly and safe for all users. Moreover, the Bumble app is available for iOS, Web, and Android.

Pros of Bumble dating app in India

  • Allows women to make the first move, thus, initiating conversation.
  • There’s a 60% chance that a match results in a conversation.
  • The Bumble app can help you in finding friends, network, and dates.
  • The Bumble app’s gender demographics are roughly equal.

Cons of Bumble dating app in India

  • You only have 24 hours to make a matching permanent through the initiation of the conversation.
  • Men do not have the opportunity to initiate the conversation.


OkCupid Logo
  • Best free dating app
  • Inclusive dating
  • Personality test

This is one known through its peppy ads on the web and it’s another good Indian dating app. OkCupid does not rely solely on pictures but more on a set of questions that both users answer. It then moves forward to get their compatibility scores. These give better real-match compatibility, unlike just a set of pictures.

Pros of OkCupid dating app in India

  • Depending on your geolocation choice, you can browse for your potential matches.
  • Has a simple interface for messaging.
  • Easy user interface that grants you permission to develop your profile depending on your interests.
  • The app has a special virtual dating feature.

Cons of OkCupid dating app in India

  • Due to non-cost registration, there may be many fake accounts.
  • There are fewer databases in comparison with other dating sites.


Happn Logo
  • Best geolocation app
  • Popular
  • Free download

Happn is among the best dating apps in India using a unique match-making algorithm. This feature makes the virtual dating experience using the app to be more of a real-time experience. Here, you are in contact with all users of the app who go through your ways all day long. So, if they like each other’s profile, it’s regarded as a match. Happn also shows you the people in your vicinity. Therefore, if you see someone today and have a crush on them, go ahead and open your app to find out if they are your crush.

Pros of Happn dating app in India

  • Connections are easy.
  • The software providers have made it harder for bots and scammers to make accounts.
  • Chance encounters are made possible here.

Cons on Happn dating app in India

  • There is a restriction on proximity.
  • Singles from a small town may easily run out of matches.



Tinder is by far the most popular dating app in India with many individuals preferring to use it. Just by swiping left and right or the app, you get single individuals near you. What’s more, its app is available for Android, iOS, and the Web. There is a free version of it that gives you limited swipes and limited access to singles. However, the premium package gives you unlimited access to singles around and across the country.

Pros of Tinder dating app in India

  • Covers everyone, be it women, men, or LGBTQ
  • With its optimized matches, you may easily match yourself with your real-life crush.
  • You have the power to either like or not like.
  • You get plenty of options.

Cons of Tinder dating app in India

  • Unable to fix an accidental swipe.
  • Promotes the culture of hook-ups.
  • It may put your privacy at stake.


TrulyMadly Dating Site

TrulyMadly is also a popular dating app in India that is often taken as a Tinder alternative due to a couple of similarities. There are strict requirements for verification so that your profile can be a “trustable” profile. Thus, it’s so hard to create a fake profile here and this saves users from catfish instances. Also, it allows you to be either a wingman or a wing woman which helps you to get your best friends their types of matches.

Pros of TrulyMadly dating app in India

  • Available in incognito mode.
  • The intense verification process makes it impossible to catfish.
  • Your pictures are safe here because there is no way someone can download or take a screenshot of them.

Cons of TrulyMadly dating app in India

  • The free version has limited access and is full of ads.

Online Dating in India

Finding new friends and relationships through apps is a global revolution and India is also at the forefront of the revolution.

With dating sites, you get a variety of choices to make a selection. So, getting your match according to your personal preference is easy. Whether for casual dating or finding your soulmate, you have all the choices.

Traditional dating limits you to a certain number of choices geographically. But, dating apps help you with a variety of choices across the country. This is possible with the geolocation tab. For instance, moving to a different city where you hardly know anyone makes online dating your choice of preference.