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Everyone likes being in love, but getting there isn’t always roses and sunshine.

This is especially true for people in their 30s who’ve had enough time to get to know themselves and learn exactly what they want.

Thankfully, modern technology can make dating in your thirties both enjoyable and hassle-free, as long as you know which tool to use. Today, we’re talking about one designed specifically for people in this age group interested in finding a partner.

This app, appropriately called 30sDating, is relatively new on the global matchmaking scene, but it quickly gathered an impressive user base.

It prides itself on being one of the fastest-growing sites in the industry, with over 16 million members. If this data is enough to spark your interest, keep reading.

I’ll examine 30sDating and how it compares to other popular dating apps below.

30sDating Review


30sDating offers a website and mobile app that will make registration easy and quick. You can access its desktop version from your computer or find its mobile app in either iOS or Android app stores.

Upon launching the app, a single button click will open the questionnaire needed to build your profile. It comprises three categories of questions — basic information queries, questions regarding your ideal partner, and questions about yourself.

The first one will ask you for basic info all dating sites require, like your name, age, location, and so forth. The second will gather info about the behaviors and traits you appreciate in your partner.

The last focuses on learning more about your appearance, personality, educational and professional background, and so on.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of any of this data. 30sDating collaborates with a famous cybersecurity provider platform, Norton Security, to ensure all their clients are protected round the clock.

On top of that, the operator uses state-of-the-art encryption and implements a strict privacy policy to ensure the security of your sensitive information.

The 30sDating personality test creates a well-rounded representation of you and your ideal partner. It doesn’t include any questions about your interests or hobbies that many of its competitor sites do.

This exclusion seemed wildly appropriate, considering the app’s target demographic. 30-something people prioritize connecting with someone based on their background and values.

You can discuss light-hearted topics like hobbies later on.

The best part of the test is that the dating site uses it to find and prepare potential matches for you as soon as you submit your answers. You’ll be free to open their profile, check their descriptions, and message them if you like what you see.

30sDating will let you get the ball rolling with a short text like a compliment or a simple emoji, whatever suits your style. Chatting flows as it usually does from there on.


30sDating app offers all you can ever need from a matchmaking site in terms of features.

You can search for and browse through profiles, mark the ones you like as favorites, check who’s online, and start chatting whenever you want.

You’ll notice profiles display similar info you’ve provided in the starting questionnaire and include up to five photos. So, you’ll also get to know their personality and lifestyle through text and pictures.

However, unlike sites like Tinder that offer comparable options, you’ll get to the nitty and gritty immediately because the profile info relies on a scientifically-founded personality quiz.

You won’t have to base your choices on someone’s zodiac sign or favorite color.

These might be interesting facts, but there might be other things you have in mind when looking for a partner. Forcing users to treat trivial information of this kind as dealbreakers makes the selection process superficial and narrows the pool of potential matches.

The omission of this dating app feature makes 30sDating more reliable.

The app features separate sections for your contacts, favorites, and messages, which means you can keep track of all your matches and conversation with ease.

There’s even an option that lets users view who’s visited their profile, so you’ll be aware of how popular you are with other users.

When you’re ready, 30sDating will let you set up a video call with your date. You’ll get to go on an actual date, observe them, hear them laugh, and converse more intimately.

This feature will allow you to break the ice without the pressure of meeting someone in person. These video calls are fully encrypted and untraceable, so you don’t have to worry even if you decide you don’t want to go on a second date afterward. 30sDating has got your back.

30sDating Review


30sDating does not charge its users for downloading the app or registration. Anyone over 18 years old can create an account free of charge.

They’ll get to fill in the questionnaire and discover the initial matches the app provides to all new users. Nevertheless, their options will be limited.

30sDating requires you to become a Premium user and pay a fixed monthly fee to access the other features of this app we’ve discussed. For instance, you won’t get to send messages or video chat with other users before you subscribe to paid 30sDating services.

The expenses members are subject to differ depending on the subscription model they select. You can learn more about the price on 30sDating official website or apps.


No dating site is perfect, including 30sDating. The primary user complaints we’ve encountered while researching this app centered on its cost and structure.

Let’s dive into both to see how relevant they might be for you.

As mentioned, the 30sDating site requires users to choose between several paid subscription models to make the most of it. These expenses are attached to a contract that usually extends from six months to a year.

Plus, the site automatically renews the contract if you don’t cancel your subscription within a specific period. Such conditions make 30sDating more expensive and inconvenient than some other popular dating apps on the market.

The second complaint we’ve mentioned mostly came from users who are used to less structured dating apps than 30sDating. Many modern matchmaking sites allow users to display whatever info they want on their profiles and curate what they will look like in terms of photos, text, and more.

30sDating is based on a fixed questionnaire and is much more rigid. Neither of these options is better or worse than the other; it is just a matter of personal preference.

Overall, 30sDating is a great dating app.

It’s well-designed, simple to use, and packed with potential matches. It just might be perfect if you like its infrastructure and don’t mind investing in it.