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Everyone likes being in love, but getting there isn’t always roses and sunshine.

This is especially true for people in their 30s who’ve had enough time to get to know themselves and learn exactly what they want.

Thankfully, modern technology can make dating in your thirties both enjoyable and hassle-free, as long as you know which tool to use. Today, I’m talking about one designed specifically for people in this age group interested in finding a partner.

This app, appropriately called 30sDating, is relatively new on the global matchmaking scene, but it quickly gathered an impressive user base.

It prides itself on being one of the fastest-growing sites in the industry, with over 16 million members. If this data is enough to spark your interest, keep reading.

I’ll examine 30sDating and how it compares to other popular dating apps below.

30sDating Review


Upon entering the 30sDating website, I was greeted with a single-click button that led me to a questionnaire designed to craft my profile. The questionnaire is neatly organized into three sections – basic information, your ideal partner’s attributes, and personal introspection.

The first section solicited standard details like my name, age, and location, which are common requirements across dating platforms. The next part delved into my preferences regarding my partner’s behaviors and traits.

The final section aimed at gathering a deeper understanding of my appearance, personality, as well as educational and professional backgrounds, among other aspects.

The security of the data I provided was something I didn’t need to fret about. 30sDating has partnered with the reputable cybersecurity platform, Norton Security, ensuring robust protection for all its clients around the clock. Moreover, the operator employs cutting-edge encryption technologies and adheres to a stringent privacy policy, safeguarding the security of sensitive information.

The personality test curated by 30sDating offers a holistic depiction of both you and your desired partner. Unlike many competitor sites, this test omits queries regarding interests or hobbies. I found this omission quite fitting, given the app’s target audience of individuals in their 30s who are likely more interested in aligning on core values and backgrounds.

Engaging topics like hobbies can easily be broached later on.

What impressed me the most was how the platform utilized my responses to immediately curate and suggest potential matches. As soon as I submitted my answers, I could view profiles, read through descriptions, and send messages if I found someone intriguing.

30sDating facilitates initiating conversations with a brief message, whether it’s a compliment or a simple emoji, catering to your personal style. The ease of conversation from that point on flowed naturally, making the experience enjoyable and promising.


The 30sDating offers all you can ever need from a matchmaking site in terms of features.

You can search for and browse through profiles, mark the ones you like as favorites, check who’s online, and start chatting whenever you want.

You’ll notice profiles display similar info you’ve provided in the starting questionnaire and include up to five photos. So, you’ll also get to know their personality and lifestyle through text and pictures.

However, unlike sites like Tinder that offer comparable options, you’ll get to the nitty and gritty immediately because the profile info relies on a scientifically-founded personality quiz.

You won’t have to base your choices on someone’s zodiac sign or favorite color.

These might be interesting facts, but there might be other things you have in mind when looking for a partner. Forcing users to treat trivial information of this kind as dealbreakers make the selection process superficial and narrows the pool of potential matches.

The omission of this dating site feature makes 30sDating more reliable.

The website features separate sections for your contacts, favorites, and messages, which means you can keep track of all your matches and conversations with ease.

There’s even an option that lets users view who’s visited their profile, so you’ll be aware of how popular you are with other users.

When you’re ready, 30sDating will let you set up a video call with your date. You’ll get to go on an actual date, observe them, hear them laugh, and converse more intimately.

This feature will allow you to break the ice without the pressure of meeting someone in person. These video calls are fully encrypted and untraceable, so you don’t have to worry even if you decide you don’t want to go on a second date afterward. 30sDating has got your back.

30sDating Review


30sDating does not charge its users for downloading the app or registration. Anyone over 18 years old can create an account free of charge.

They’ll get to fill in the questionnaire and discover the initial matches the app provides to all new users. Nevertheless, their options will be limited.

30sDating requires you to become a Premium user and pay a fixed monthly fee to access the other features of this app we’ve discussed. For instance, you won’t get to send messages or video chat with other users before you subscribe to paid 30sDating services.

The expenses members are subject to differ depending on the subscription model they select. You can learn more about the price on 30sDating official website.


No dating platform hits the mark perfectly, and 30sDating is no exception. During my exploration of this website, the main user grievances I stumbled upon were related to its pricing model and structured approach.

Let’s delve into these aspects to gauge their relevance to you.

As highlighted, 30sDating necessitates users to opt for one of several paid subscription plans to fully unlock its features. These subscriptions are tied to a contract typically ranging from six months to a year.

Additionally, the site is programmed to auto-renew the contract unless you halt your subscription within a designated timeframe. This setup renders 30sDating somewhat pricier and less flexible compared to other well-known dating apps out there.

The second point of discontent largely emanated from users accustomed to more lenient dating platforms than 30sDating. A myriad of contemporary matchmaking sites permit users to personalize their profiles extensively, controlling the display of photos, text, and other elements.

In contrast, 30sDating operates on a fixed questionnaire, presenting a more structured experience. Neither approach is superior; it boils down to individual preference.

On the whole, 30sDating stands out as a commendable dating site.

It boasts a well-thought-out design, ease of use, and a plethora of potential matches. If its structured framework appeals to you and you’re open to investing in the experience, 30sDating could well be an ideal choice.

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