Best Dating Sites and Apps in Canada 2024

These are the best dating apps in Canada for single people looking to connect with other like-minded people. This article highlights the pros and cons of the top platforms for Canadian singles looking to date online.

✓ CA Dating Sites

Zoosk Logo
  • Launched in 2000
  • 10 million users in the US
  • US/CA mostly
eharmony Logo
  • Launched in 2007
  • 40 million members worldwide
  • 80 countries and 25 languages
Silver Singles Logo
  • 50+ dating
  • Affordable membership
  • Popular dating site
30sDating Logo
  • 30+
  • New dating site
  • Active members
60sDating Logo
  • 50+
  • Newer dating site
  • Active community
6 Logo
  • Lots of members
  • Safe to use
  • Fits most people
OurTime Logo
  • Dating over 50
  • Free dating app
  • High success rate
Bumble Logo
  • Very popular app
  • Swiping (like Tinder)
  • Ladies have to initiate!
Happn Logo
  • Best geolocation app
  • Popular
  • Free download
Hinge Logo
  • Great dating app
  • Free signup
  • Cheap premium service
OkCupid Logo
  • Best free dating app
  • Inclusive dating
  • Personality test
Facebook Dating Logo
  • Signup with Facebook
  • Free membership
  • Easy matches
13 Logo
  • 100% free dating
  • International dating
  • Easy to use
Christian Mingle Logo
  • Biggest Christian community
  • Great dating app
  • High success rate
Singles50 Logo
  • Senior dating
  • Popular dating site
  • Good personality test
Academic Singles Logo
  • For ambitious people
  • Best matching feature
  • Relatively cheap service
Elite Singles Logo
  • Good personality test
  • Ambitious members
  • Best for US
JDate Logo
  • Jewish singles
  • International dating
  • Verified profiles
MeetVille Logo
  • High success rate
  • Great dating app
  • Many countries
Mingle2 Logo
  • High match rate
  • Great dating app
  • Free dating
The League Logo
  • For ambitious singles
  • Efficient matching
  • Focus on video chats
Badoo Logo
  • Great dating app
  • Inclusive dating
  • Free registration
Taimi Logo
  • LGBTQ+ dating
  • Great app
  • Very inclusive
NextLove Logo
  • Divorced and single parents
  • 61% women
  • Verified profiles

Review: Canada

Match Canada Date
Image: Match

Rating: ★★★★★ is one of the more popular dating sites. The site has been around for over 23 years. Every week, Match gets 15,000 new members. So there is a high probability that you can find a partner through this site. Match is also considered to be one of the more serious and secure online meeting places. They attach great importance to creating a good atmosphere online and have staff whose job it is to guarantee this. For the same purpose and to prevent fake profiles, all new profiles are checked manually to make sure they are serious.

Detailed dating profiles

The profiles are very detailed, which reduces the risk of meeting people who are not what they pretend to be. One detail that increases your chances of meeting someone is that you also become visible on other services that use the same kind of platform. The large selection and detailed profiles mean that this is a dating site that suits people who are a little more serious in their online dating. is free to try. Then you can choose if you want to buy a subscription to get access to more features.


✔ Secure website and respected company


❌ Outdated user interface

Review: Elite Singles

EliteSingles Dating Site Canada
Image: Elite Singles

Rating: ★★★★

Elite Singles is a newer dating site. Thus, it does not yet have as many members as This is partly also because Elite Singles is aimed at a more specific target group. However, the site is constantly growing and you can find thousands of new members every week. More and more people are simply realizing the benefits of choosing a dating site with a more specific audience. Elite singles are aimed at, as the name suggests, singles who have high ambitions for their careers and private lives. Therefore, the majority of the members are older than 35 years. More women apply to this site because women usually have slightly higher demands on their potential partners.

Good user experience

The focus of the page is that the user should have a good experience. Therefore, the site is also completely mobile-friendly. There is also a feature that sorts out inactive profiles. Thus, you do not risk wasting time on people who no longer check or update their profiles. Registration on Elite Singles is free and you are also offered a free personality test.


✔ Good and fun personality test


❌ Can be perceived as “snobby”

Review: Tinder in Canada


Rating: ★★★

Tinder is a dating app that is primarily aimed at people who want to meet people and are not necessarily looking for a partner. It is by far the largest dating site for younger people. The premium service is relatively cheap and comes with extra features, such as being able to choose your geographical location. In the free version, you only have contact with people who are within a radius of 160 kilometres from where you are at the moment.

Swipe app

Tinder is a so-called swipe application. This means that you use a sweeping motion to choose between photos of people who are matched your profile. It is a convenient way to quickly go through many matches in a short time. If you swipe the image to the right, you show that you are interested and if you swipe to the left, you do not want contact. However, the function entails a certain risk that the sweeping moment takes over at the expense of the dating itself.


  • Suitable for: Younger people in the range of 20-35 years
  • How many members do they have: Over 57 million worldwide
  • Pros: Popular app, affordable, international
  • Cons: Annoying sweeping function

Review: Badoo in Canada


Rating: ★★

This dating site has a low-key appearance. At first glance, it may appear as if it is a page for something completely different. At the same time, the service has many members, which they seem to have received without any special marketing or design. The site does not seem very lavish either. The contrast between the pagan design and the large number of members gives the site an almost exclusive feeling as if it is something that only experienced people know.

Younger audience

Badoo is primarily aimed at a younger audience in the range of 18-30 years. Unfortunately, the security check is not the best on the site. They have been accused of having a large proportion of fake profiles. This means that the site, unfortunately, does not receive such high reviews from users.


  • Suitable for: Younger people who are 18-30 years old
  • Pros: Many free features, available worldwide
  • Cons: Accused of having fake profiles

Review: Happn in Canada

Happn Dating Canada
Image: Happn

Rating: ★★★

Happn has the task of matching you with other singles that you have passed on the street. When you pass someone who is also single and a member of Happn, you will receive a message. Consequently, the service works best when visited via the application. The basic idea with Happn is that you should not have to risk passing and missing an anonymous person on the street who may become your future partner. This seems to be something that many worry about, missing out on an opportunity.

Strong security

The site has many users. A contributing factor to this is perhaps that security is relatively good as few fake profiles abound on the site. Since the site is aimed at younger people in the range of 18-35 years, it is an important aspect. Another reason for the site’s popularity may also be that it is relatively user-friendly. You can easily get started with your dating via Happn.


  • Suitable for: Younger people aged 18-35 who are on the go
  • Pros: User-friendly, no fake profiles
  • Cons: Tough competition

Online dating: more men than women?

Generally, it is mostly men who use dating sites. Some surveys claim that 70% of women who are active online say they have never used dating sites. At the same time, women are more active on profiled dating sites that place slightly higher demands on members. Men are underrepresented in these online forums.

Dating Sites Canada

How to date online

It is not very difficult to get started with internet dating. The whole process is very easy to do on your phone, tablet, or computer. The only difficult thing is choosing which dating site to use. But you do not have to worry about that after reading this article. By then you will hopefully have more knowledge to choose a dating site that suits you.

Choose a Canadian dating site

The first thing you need to do is to select a dating site and register. Think carefully about what it is you want to get out of the dating site before you choose which site you register with. The different pages have different target groups and different purposes. By choosing the right site, you increase your chances of meeting people you enjoy.

Use good pictures

In real life, the presentation of yourself is important. On the internet, it applies even more. It is said that a picture says more than a thousand words. There is no room for a thousand words online, so a picture is the first thing that captures other members’ impressions of you. Therefore, choose images with care.

Create your profile

Some dating sites have a personality test that you have to answer to give you a profile. On other pages, you can describe who you are and your interests. Regardless of whether your profile is based on a personality test or on what you have chosen to present, it is recommended to do so with a certain amount of care. The more accurately you have filled in your profile or responded correctly to the personality test, the greater the chance that you will get relevant matches.

Fill in your wishes and find someone to date

Based on how you have presented yourself or the result of your personality test, the dating service suggests various possible candidates that you can date. Your interests and experience are matched against other people who the program thinks would fit well with you. The accuracy is surprisingly good. As more and more dating sites have started using artificial intelligence to match couples, successful combinations increase even further.

Take your safety seriously

Of course, there are risks in meeting people online. On the other hand, it also applies when you date people traditionally. An advantage of online dating is that you have the opportunity to get to know the person better by communicating with each other before you decide to be seen in real life. At the same time, you have no control over whether your date is who the person pretends to be. According to a survey in the US, 34% of users lie about themselves, have ever used a false identity, or date people who pretend to be something other than what they are. To address the problem of false identities, more and more dating sites are using various features to prevent it. It is also common for a thorough check to be performed on new profiles.


Another important issue is your privacy. You may not want your presence on various dating sites to be visible during a regular internet search on your name. This is especially true if you are online dating to meet others even when you are in a relationship. For you to be registered on a dating site, several services have functions to protect your privacy. Thus, it is common that only the people you match with can see your profile or in other cases only members of the dating site.

Free trial and promo codes

For you to get the most out of your online dating, the majority of these dating sites require you to pay for their service. There are free dating sites but you will soon realize that you want more. You’ll soon realize that you are saving money on online dating compared to traditional dating. This is because you initially get to know each other without doing things together such as going to the cinema, restaurant, café or other activities that cost money. In addition, since the range online is much larger than what you usually come across in your area, there is a good chance that you are dating a total of more people than you would in traditional dating.

The two sides of online dating

There are many advantages to online dating over traditional dating. Above all, availability is the biggest difference. You have access to a lot of people who are also looking for a relationship and you can date them at any time of the day because dating apps are accessible 24/7. However, the wide range and ease of contact can also give rise to certain mental strains. Thus, it is good to be aware of how online dating can affect you mentally. According to an article in Psycom, there is a connection between the time you spend on social media and the experience of loneliness. This also applies to dating sites. So even though it is faster to get in touch, it can also lead to a lot of superficial relationships. In this way, your experience of loneliness and failure can increase.

easier to get in touch but also easier to ghost

On an online date, it is easier to take the initiative to start talking. For people who have social anxiety, it can often be easier to get in touch online. You sit safely in front of your computer and do not initially have to expose yourself to the social stress that it can mean to meet new people. The simplicity of starting new contacts also means that it is quick to end. In the same way, as you initiate contact, you can communicate that you are not suitable for each other. It’s good if it turns out that the match might not have been so successful after all. At the same time, your self-confidence can be negatively affected by constant quitting. This is especially true if you suffer from so-called ghosting. This means that your date suddenly ends your relationship without contacting you. Such behaviour has the potential to create uncertainty and doubt about its value.

FAQ about Online Dating in Canada

Is it safe to date online in Canada?

To ensure safe online dating, choose a CA dating site with features such as verified profiles and identity checks. However, beware of false identities and always exercise caution when communicating with someone you’ve met online, just as you would with any stranger.

Is it expensive to date online in Canada?

Online dating in Canada is cost-effective compared to meeting people in real life. Registering and basic features are often free, but most sites have a monthly fee for added convenience.

How many find a partner through online dating?

Online dating is a popular way to find a partner, with 47% of people in the US stating they or someone they know has met a romantic partner through a dating site. While the probability of finding a partner is high, the physical meeting is crucial for the relationship’s development.

Does online dating lead to more long-term relationships?

Online dating and divorce rates are not correlated. Good dating sites offer a wider pool of potential partners, but cohabitation and personal maturity determine the success of a relationship.

Is there an age limit for online dating?

Dating sites have age restrictions, usually requiring users to be at least 18 years old. Some cater to a mature audience, with a minimum age of 50. Some also allow younger users, up to 16 years old.

Is online dating just for those who live in cities?

Dating sites are not limited to urban areas. Many rural and sparsely populated areas also use online dating as a means of finding partners. With access to people across the country and internationally, online dating increases the chances of finding your perfect match.


More and more people of all ages are beginning to realize the benefits of meeting someone via the internet. According to a study by the French demographic institute INED in Paris, it is no longer taboo to look for a partner online. In many cases, it is also a smoother way to get in touch with people and potential partners than traditional dating. On the one hand, you have a larger selection of people that you come in contact with, and on the other hand, you can start dating without even having to leave home. Everything happens in front of the computer or mobile phone until the day you decide to be seen in real life. The flexibility of online dating means that it is an activity that is growing.

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