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Online dating has become the norm in recent times. No matter where you might live, chances are that people around you turn to dating sites and apps for a chance to find love or hook up. One of the oldest websites out there that you might have heard of is FDating.com. It claims to help you connect with singles near your area and from around the world.

The fact that FDating can be used for free is what attracted me. I wanted to use it to find out if it is worth using. It does provide a number of features that you cannot expect to find on many dating sites.

If you are looking to date, it might be the right choice for you. As more and more people turn to online dating, you should consider using it after you have read my review.

There is no denying that being single can be frustrating which is why it is important that you satisfy your needs by turning to online dating. Here is my experience using FDating.

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When it comes to usability, FDating could do a lot more. The moment I entered the website, I was taken back as the site seemed like it had been designed back in 2000.

Despite not being aesthetically pleasing, you should have no trouble navigating it. It even provides a useful search function that is quite detailed. Each profile has a large picture to help you determine who is attractive. Since messages can be opened in a different window, you will have an easy time messaging several people at a time.

With an active user base that is spread out across different countries, F dating is still used to this day. However, it is important to mention that it does not have any mobile app.

Users are encouraged to write a short summary to attract someone. But, you might have trouble creating an account on Fdating. Despite the fact that signing up for an account is quick, some mail services do not accept a verification email from the site. Thus, some people might be unable to create an account.

Matchmaking on Fdating

One of the things I loved about FDating is that it lets you know how many users there are in your city and other cities. When you perform a search, you would instantly see the number of users. Besides this, it also lets you know how many people visit your profile over the last month and which profiles other users have visited.

In addition to this, I was also able to find out when was the last time each user logged in. This information helped improve my experience. Moreover, I was also able to send as many messages as I wanted to users from across the globe by simply navigating to each profile and sending a message.

When I wanted to send a message, a new window popped up and allowed me to either send an emoji or text. However, it did not let me send a video or image. I did like the fact that my messages got a blue tick if a user reads them. There is no option to narrow down people based on their personalities.

This is why I had no option but to view all the profiles to get an idea about each user.


A great thing about FDating is that it is absolutely free. This means that you do not have to spend a single penny. Now, you must be wondering how it earns revenue.

It does so by placing ads on the site. However, the ads are not intrusive.

FDating.com Reviews

Common complaints

Some of the complaints against Fdating include the site not having enough users. If you do not have the time to wait and need to find someone to hook up with, it is not the right option for you.

Overall, I found Fdating to be quite average. There is not a lot to it, especially considering the fact that there are barely any users. Hence, you should use other dating sites like eHarmony or Badoo as they are more widely used.