50+ Dating Sites

Let’s face it, I’ve been there: a hopeful 50-something, staring at a computer screen, wondering if love has an expiration date. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. In a world where youth often takes the center stage, I’m here to champion the seasoned romantics among us. Digital dating is not just for millennials; it’s a treasure trove waiting to be explored by those of us with a few more candles on our birthday cakes. Whether you’re a dating scene veteran or a newcomer excited by the prospect of love, online platforms offer an array of opportunities that are as vibrant and varied as you are. In this guide, we’ll explore trusted dating sites tailored for the 50+ crowd, how to craft that irresistible profile, and tips for making your first date a memorable one.

⭐ Best dating sites for singles over 50

Zoosk Logo
  • Launched in 2000
  • 10 million users in the US
  • US/CA mostly
eharmony Logo
  • Launched in 2007
  • 40 million members worldwide
  • 80 countries and 25 languages
Silver Singles Logo
  • 50+ dating
  • Affordable membership
  • Popular dating site
30sDating Logo
  • 30+
  • New dating site
  • Active members
60sDating Logo
  • 50+
  • Newer dating site
  • Active community
Match.com Logo
  • Lots of members
  • Safe to use
  • Fits most people
OurTime Logo
  • Dating over 50
  • Free dating app
  • High success rate
Bumble Logo
  • Very popular app
  • Swiping (like Tinder)
  • Ladies have to initiate!
Happn Logo
  • Best geolocation app
  • Popular
  • Free download
Hinge Logo
  • Great dating app
  • Free signup
  • Cheap premium service
OkCupid Logo
  • Best free dating app
  • Inclusive dating
  • Personality test
Facebook Dating Logo
  • Signup with Facebook
  • Free membership
  • Easy matches
Fdating.com Logo
  • 100% free dating
  • International dating
  • Easy to use
Christian Mingle Logo
  • Biggest Christian community
  • Great dating app
  • High success rate
Singles50 Logo
  • Senior dating
  • Popular dating site
  • Good personality test
Academic Singles Logo
  • For ambitious people
  • Best matching feature
  • Relatively cheap service
Elite Singles Logo
  • Good personality test
  • Ambitious members
  • Best for US
JDate Logo
  • Jewish singles
  • International dating
  • Verified profiles
MeetVille Logo
  • High success rate
  • Great dating app
  • Many countries
Mingle2 Logo
  • High match rate
  • Great dating app
  • Free dating
The League Logo
  • For ambitious singles
  • Efficient matching
  • Focus on video chats
Badoo Logo
  • Great dating app
  • Inclusive dating
  • Free registration
Taimi Logo
  • LGBTQ+ dating
  • Great app
  • Very inclusive
NextLove Logo
  • Divorced and single parents
  • 61% women
  • Verified profiles

Among the sea of ​​dating sites, it can be difficult to find the best site for you. I go through some of the best dating sites below:


Homepage of Match.com
Image: Match.com

Rating: ★★★★★

Match.com is one of the largest dating sites. As there are many users, you will find a large number of people in all age groups. The dating site is free to use and the app is very easy to navigate. This site is mostly for you who are looking for a serious relationship. Match.com is a reliable dating site with a long history of successful relationships. Its detailed profiles and the opportunity to meet other singles at events and through video calls make it an attractive platform for individuals over 50 years old seeking meaningful relationships. Additionally, they prioritize the safety of their users and offer various modes to increase control over your interactions. With a substantial user base and success stories, Match.com is definitely worth considering as your next dating site. The cost of membership may vary, so it’s best to visit the website for current pricing information and promotions. 

Unique features and focus

Detailed Profiles: On Match.com, profiles are highly detailed, making it easier to find suitable matches. You can use various search criteria or browse through members’ profiles.

Events: They offer fun events and singles nights to meet other members in person. This provides an opportunity to relax and socialize with like-minded singles.

Video Calls: Match.com offers live video chat features, allowing you to see and interact with other members in real-time and get a better sense of their personalities.

Increased Visibility: They give users the option to make their profiles visible to members interested in 50+ or single parents, increasing the chances of being contacted by potential partners.

Safety and Protection: Match.com prioritizes the safety of its users and moderates every description and profile picture. There is also the option to block or report members who make you uncomfortable.


✔ Secure website and respected company

✔ One of the world’s biggest dating sites

✔Aimed at singles searching for a serious relationship


❌ Not suitable for people looking for something niched

❌ Subscription-based, you will only get so far using the free version

Elite Singles


Rating: ★★★★

Elite Singles is especially focused on well-educated or ambitious singles. There are no requirements such as income, but it is expected that you are successful in your field. 68% of its members are academics and there is a large selection for 50+ dating. Registration is free and the site is also available as an app. If you have high demands on your partner, this site will help you find only ambitious singles.

EliteSingles is a well-established dating site catering to individuals over 50 years of age, offering a unique platform for serious dating and the opportunity to find love in the later stages of life. Launched to address the needs of ambitious singles looking for people meeting their standards, EliteSingles has become a trusted destination for older individuals seeking meaningful relationships. With its focus on serious dating and scientific matchmaking, EliteSingles has created a space where those over 50 can find love and passion as well.


✔ Effective matchmaking algorithm

✔ Targeted demographic provides a better chance of success


❌ Not for everyone

3. Ourtime

Ourtime Website Screenshot
Image: Ourtime.com

Ourtime is a dating site that is aimed at the target group of 50+. This dating site focuses on creating a community for mature singles who want to share their lives with someone special. Let’s explore some of the unique features and advantages of OurTime.OurTime was launched to meet the needs and desires of singles over 50 years old. It is a platform where people in this age group can meet and build meaningful relationships.

Depending on where you live, there are a large number of users. It is free to register, but a paid membership is required to gain full access to all features like most dating sites out there. There is also a flexible app to use. This site is perfect for you who only want a selection of singles over a certain age. If you’re in search of a companion for a leisurely walk or bike ride, a friendly partner to savor a glass of wine with, a fellow enthusiast to enjoy movies with, or simply someone for meaningful conversations on a wide range of topics, look no further than OurTime. OurTime takes great care in scrutinizing each and every profile and photo, guaranteeing that all our members are authentic individuals aged 50 and above. And always remember, everyone there is on a quest for companions who share a genuine appreciation for life’s finer moments, just like you.

Unique Features

See a selection of members who share your values: OurTime helps you find other singles who have similar values and interests, increasing the chance of finding someone who suits you.

Meet singles near you: The site makes it easy to find singles in your vicinity, making it convenient to plan meetings and activities.

Moderated profiles: OurTime verifies each profile and photo to ensure safety and authenticity on the platform.

Live video chat: The platform offers the option of live video chat, allowing users to interact face-to-face even when they are apart. 


✔ Very few fake profiles

✔ Good free functionality

✔ App is easy to use


❌ Works best near big cities


60plus is not exactly a dedicated dating site but is a meeting place for everyone over 60 years. Therefore, it can be a starting point for 60+ dating. There is also a Facebook page and a trade fair. This is suitable for you who want to meet like-minded people and not necessarily a partner in the first place.

The advantage of 50+ dating

Dating as an adult and mature person can bring many benefits over dating when you are in your 20s. As an adult, you know more about yourself and know exactly what you are looking for. Your identity, interests, and past relationships make you more confident in yourself and the criteria for your future partner are clearer.

According to research by Susan L. Brown and Sayaka K. Shinohara, it shows that dating at a mature age can bring many benefits. Dating can lead to better health, provide a larger social network, and make you more socially connected than those who do not date in the same age group. Therefore, do not let your age pull you away from the dating scene, rather let it pull you there.

Personals and dating sites

Writing personals was something that was done a lot before the internet. It was an advertisement to get in touch with other people. These ads could be put up wherever you thought someone would read them, but above all, you could find them in the newspapers.

Personals and dating sites are not very different in principle. Both are about you writing about yourself in the search for a future partner. But dating sites have clear and distinct advantages over old-fashioned personals. First and foremost, it is both faster and easier to find someone who matches you and your wishes. There are many singles online who search and can find you at the push of a button. Another advantage is that while the contact ad disappears with yesterday’s news, your profile on the dating site remains for more people to read.

Dating apps

Since dating sites today can also be accessed via mobile phone, both through their website or through their own app, you can find new singles wherever you are. You no longer need to be home to be able to find your next date. You can be out for a walk, in the library, or on a break from work.

Dating sites

Start searching for your next love on dating sites. Here we go through how to get started.

Find the right dating site

There are many dating sites to choose from, but some are more tailored for those who are into 40+ dating. Some sites cost money to use, while others are free. Some are free to use but have turned off some features to paying customers. It is up to you if and how much you want to pay. Some sites also have a specific theme, such as serious dating, specific interests or sexual orientations.

Signing up

To start dating singles online, start by registering a profile on a dating site. To do so, you need an email address. Registering usually only takes a few minutes.

Creating a profile

After you have registered, you create a profile by uploading photos of yourself and describing yourself to match with the right person. Take your time when creating your profile. A more detailed and well-made profile attracts more viewers and increases your chances of getting in touch with the right person.

Start looking

Now the fun begins. When your profile is complete, it’s time to go out on the dating site and look for interesting people. At most dating sites, you can like the profile of the person you want to meet and then start chatting with them.

Making the perfect profile


When writing your profile, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • According to Professor Khalid Khan, 70% of your profile should include a description of you and 30% should describe your ideal partner. It gives others the courage to contact you because they know they are right for you. Tell us about yourself and your interests. Preferably something that can be talked about when someone starts chatting with you. Do not be generic and boring, show your unique side.
  • Be honest in your profile. Lies will always come out sooner or later and then you risk losing contact. Honesty lasts longer.


  • You should upload photos. Statistics from the University of Michigan show that a profile without a photo has a 20 times lower chance of getting visitors.
  • Use photos where you are alone in the photo. Group photos can work if you are participating in a fun activity that you want to show off, but do not use that photo as your first profile picture so people have to guess who you are.
  • Show off your full figure in at least one picture. According to statistics from Zoosk, an international dating site, it will give an increased 203% number of messages than if you would only display pictures of your face.
  • Also, be sure to choose good photos. Blurred or webcam photos make you look like you do not care, which is not a good first impression.

Being ready for dating

Dating as an older person usually means that you have been part of previous relationships. Sometimes it can be difficult to start dating again. This is not strange and is completely normal. If you find it difficult, it is always good to talk to loved ones about how you feel, they can be your best support.

You should never have to feel that you have to be a part of a relationship. Many are satisfied and happy to have time for themselves. But if you feel that you want someone in your life, you never have to feel any doubt.

Move on from previous relationships

Whether you are newly single from a short-term relationship or a long-term marriage, it can be difficult to move on. How you react is completely unique to you and if you need time, you have to take it. Do not drag any luggage into the next relationship. But if you are a person who needs to feel the next love and warmth to be able to move on, online dating is perfect. There you can quickly and easily find people.

Start dating as a parent

When you have children, it can feel difficult to start dating again, regardless of their or your age. You may think that no one would be interested in you having children, or you may feel that you are replacing their other parent. Even adult children may find it difficult if their parents’ long marriage ends and the parents go out on a date.

The important thing is to have an open conversation, both with the person you are dating and with your children. Tell us how you feel and what you want. In a family, everyone means well, and even though it can be hard, everyone wants each other to find happiness. Your children want to see you happy and know that dating and finding someone special will make you happy, they will be happy for you. Also, do not be discouraged from dating if you have children. There are many single parents and people who love children. Show pride in your children and you will find the right person.

To move on after the death of a partner

If your ex-partner has passed away, you may need time to mourn. In this case, you need more than ever to take your time to heal and move on. Even when you feel whole again, it can be difficult to see yourself with someone else in a romantic way. Utilize your close relationships and let them help you heal. You can also seek support from a professional talk therapist to help you work through the grief. Remember, meeting someone new never means replacing the one you lost. Feeling guilty is very normal and is something you may need support through. The important thing is that you know that there is no shame in meeting someone new, we all need love and care.

Avoid scams on dating sites

Unfortunately, fraud on dating sites is not inevitable. It is important that you know about this and be careful online when chatting with people, especially if you have not met them online yet. Fraud can involve stealing money or stealing identities.

Keep these things in mind so as not to fall for an attempted fraud:

  • Be careful with your personal information. Never give out things like your full name with personal addresses unless you can guarantee that you can trust them.
  • Pay attention to all warning signs. If the conversation becomes personal very quickly, if they ask for money or if they want to know personal information such as date of birth and full name. Instead, say only parts of the information such as just your surname and not your last name.
  • Some dating sites and companies have fake profiles that write about you. This is to entice you to pay for messages and membership. If they avoid sharing their lives, are too easygoing, or do not want to meet in person, it could be a fake profile. If the opportunity exists, ask for a video chat to confirm their existence.
  • If you decide to meet, make sure that the first meeting is in a public place and tell relatives where you are going and when. Unfortunately, the elderly are often exposed to attacks and theft. Do everything you can to stay safe.

If you think you have been the victim of fraud, there are things you can do:

  • End all contact with them.
  • Report their account to the dating site.

If you are worried about accounts and bank details, freeze everything you think the fraudster might come across.