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Looking for a dating site that doesn’t waste your time and can help you actually find a partner? I have done the research for you and listed out certain features of OkCupid and what makes it a great dating platform.

Short facts

  • In January 2004 OkCupid was launched by Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Christi Rudder, and Max Krohn.
  • The site is owned by Match Group, an American company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Match Group owns and runs the biggest portfolio of famous online dating services.
  • For better services, OkCupid launched the personality test feature.
  • It’s a free dating app and website. They also provide paid subscriptions with features like removing ads, unlimited likes, and unlocking all intros.
  • Best for both introverts and extroverts, especially people who are looking for meaningful relationships.


A beneficial app, especially for millennials who are done with swiping apps and questions about marriage and starting a family. People get excited just by thinking about dating new people, but that excitement shifts to annoyance if the person you are talking to is not the one according to their bios.

What is the point of dating a person about whom you do not even have some genuine information? OkCupid took care of that efficiently by providing some great features. People are tired of unnecessarily swiping on dating apps and tolerating weird people bashing their inboxes for attention.

Better dating sites

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A large user base

As one of the older dating sites, OkCupid has a large user base with over 50 million registered users. It has a strong focus on social justice and connections that last for a long time. The most attractive feature of this app is offering comparatively low prices and making itself unique and effective.

OkCupid focuses on being comprehensive, diverse, and promoting cultural trends. All these factors play a huge role in managing its image worldwide. The app also supports lasting connections by providing freedom to choose genders.

Registration and choosing an account

While registering anyone on the site, OkCupid makes users go through some infallible queries. It asks questions to infer how you see, manage and react to things according to your personality.

Many steps are taken to provide a complete image in front of users to help them make a genuine comparison before approaching someone.

With a free account on OkCupid, you will be able to find how many people have liked you, and how many people have sent their intros to you, and will also be able to send and receive messages.

While with a paid account you will be able to send unlimited likes, and deal-breakers and will be able to unlock all intros. It also offers two paid memberships to get those luxuries with different timelines and budgets.

OkCupid is best for people who are looking for serious relationships. Bios are created with the help of long and general questionnaires. Hence, it tells a lot about a user’s personality; so much so that some people also get to know about themselves from those queries.

Their matchmaking process is very effective and there is no joke about it. The app says that the more questions you will answer the earlier you will find a partner. So go answer as many as you can.

Being the champ of online dating sites, OkCupid provides its users with a smooth, exciting, and hurdle-free experience. OkCupid has interesting features for visually impaired people as well – they can also have a chance to get familiar with detailed descriptions through the navigation system. There are a variety of features that bind users with OkCupid.

Personality test

For better matches, OkCupid launched the feature of a personality test. It is a collection of different personalities with different four-letter codes, an archetypical character, and a summary.

Discounts and cost

For paid memberships, OkCupid provides several flexible subscriptions.

On OkCupid, users are offered some fabulous deals like 30% or sometimes 50% off. Especially on occasions like the New Year or Christmas. Promo codes come with expiry dates, so get your hands on them before they expire!

OkCupid provides deals for safe dating tips, and bisexual dating tips and some promo codes for their users are available as well.

Ok Cupid Reviews

Common complaints

For any website, it is impossible to be perfect. Similarly, for some people, OkCupid is not up to their expectations and that is where the negative reviews come in.

According to some, the navigation system is not well designed. Secondly, it is nearly impossible to check how humans tackle the questions and come up with a different personality.