How To Get Over A Breakup

As human beings, we all get into relationships at some point or another. We fall in love, and we fall out of love as well. We are sometimes unable to maintain our relationships, especially our intimate relationships. These close relationships sometimes seem very complex, and we find ourselves heartbroken. Some are fortunate enough to find their “soul mates” and stay with them for a lifetime.

Typically, some of us continue to find ourselves still kissing frogs that refuse to turn into our prince charming. We thus find ourselves being left without a choice but to leave relationships. We accept defeat even if we have invested our time in a relationship, and it’s not working out. It’s not necessarily the duration of the relationship that determines how deep our heartbreak is. It’s the fact that going through a breakup is bad enough.

So the next question that we need to ask ourselves is, “How best does one get over a breakup?”. Get yourself a tub of ice cream or and let’s get started.

Give yourself time to mourn

Psychologists have said that someone going through a breakup might feel like they have suffered a loss. Therefore, it is very important to mourn the loss of the relationship by going through the whole healing process, and there are no shortcuts!

Give yourself time to mourn

Take time away from the person that you broke up with

It will not be helpful for you to keep in touch with your Ex. Get closure and accept that the relationship is over. Stay away from their social media and do not “stalk” them in any way.

Take time away from the person that you broke up with

Pamper yourself

Treat yourself to a nice spa day. Massage therapy and relaxation will be beneficial and allow you to distress and feel good about yourself and your body again. The time off will also be good for you as you can clear your mind and think about the future without your ex.

Pamper yourself

Cry, cry, and cry some more

Crying helps as it can provide a feeling of relief. Crying also releases some hormones to help your muscles relax and make your body feel less tense. Do not be ashamed or feel like a weakling for crying. According to this study, expressing your feelings is good and is a great relief.

Go shopping

Retail therapy will take your mind off the breakup, and a new outfit will inspire you to go out there and dance the night away. Who knows, you might even meet some interesting people. It’s a well-known fact that we feel good about ourselves when we are dressed well. Moreover, our confidence and self-esteem levels also increased. High self-esteem is vital in getting over a breakup because it makes you feel good about yourself and not worthless. After all, you are no longer in a relationship.

Spend time with your friends

Spend time with your friends. You probably haven’t had too much “girl/boy time” because you were in a relationship. Rather than isolating yourself and sitting at home alone, it is a much better idea for you to get out and live your life. Your friends will be ready to take you through your bouts of anger and tears. You might even have moments to bash your ex. Use them to vent when you need to. Communicate, joke, and do fun, exciting things friends do.

Find a hobby

Accept that you are single again and do things that please you. Find activities that you can do with your friends and family. Additionally, also find something that you can do by yourself. You will have gotten used to being in a couple and doing activities as a couple, but you are an individual. It’s time to find your passions again. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Find a hobby that will take your mind away from thoughts about your ex. This helps us move forward and find some joy again.

Don’t embark on a new relationship immediately

It might seem like a great idea to get over the breakup. You might think that getting back into the swing of things is a good idea. However, starting to date other people as soon as you have broken up with your partner is not good. It’s better to heal completely and get over your ex. Don’t cover up your hurt by being with someone else too quickly. Give yourself enough time. Only start a new relationship when you feel that you have completely healed from your past breakup.

Move on

We all know that this is easier said than done but, the sooner you move on, the better it will be before you. The relationship is over, and there’s no point waiting around and hoping your ex will return. Waiting will not help you in any way.

The relationship did not work out and has ended for a reason. You were not able to work it out, and it’s okay. Also, try to stop blaming yourself or your ex, you both wanted to work it out. At this point, you will only be just torturing yourself, close that chapter as soon as possible.

No contact

It might seem like a good idea to call your ex to hash things out. However, a no-contact approach is your best bet. Unfollow your ex from all social media platforms. As hard as this might be, it is very important. The problem is you will most likely sound desperate if you contact your ex. Moreover, your ex may respond in a way you don’t like, which may also make you regret reaching out.