7 Places To Meet Single Men

Single men are practically all around us, yet most single women have no idea where to meet them.

The secret to increasing your chances of meeting someone wonderful wherever you are is to keep your eyes alert and your head up. Prepare to make eye contact, smile, and greet! Being open to the idea of meeting a man unexpectedly while going about your day is half the fight.

In this article, we are going to go through the 7 best places where you can meet single men.

Online dating sites

Whether you despise it or love it, an online dating service is responsible for one out of every five committed couples. As a power user of numerous online dating services myself, I can assure you that, while many people believe online dating stinks, it really doesn’t, and there’s nothing wrong with online dating tools. What stinks is how many individuals utilize sites that aren’t best suited to their requirements.

Mens clothing stores

According to studies, fewer than 15% of men buy clothing online, thus it is logical to believe that a men’s store would be a smart alternative. I notably mention a men’s ‘clothing’ store since statistics show that most single men shop alone, giving women a considerably better chance of approaching him and obtaining his contact information.

Mens Clothing Store

Interstate train

I routinely go on the train and have personally experienced a gold mine of males, just waiting to be approached. Sure, most people do not want to get approached on the train, but the few times I’ve done it, I’ve gotten a positive response and more often than not – a phone number.

Workout in the gym

It is critical to highlight “weight room” rather than “gym” in general. Women exercise as regularly (if not more frequently) as males. So, the next time you’re working out, head to the free weights area, and, regardless of which gym you’re in, you’ll see that the ratio of men to women is high— bingo! Even if you’re not interested in what you’re seeing, a little polite flirting isn’t a bad thing Simply ask “Who can spot me?” and guys will literally line up for you!

In The Gym

Being approachable

I understand that you feel more at ease when you’re singing Sweet Caroline with your friends rather than humming your favorite song into your Sauvignon Blanc. But what about that dashing young man who captured your eye? He’s not going to risk being rejected in front of five of your best friends. When individuals are at a social gathering without a group of people, they are a lot more accessible.

Consider pulling up to a bar seat alone at happy hour with a good book and chances are that you will get approached.

Coffee shops

Every morning when you go to get your caffeine fix, you run into him. You could have previously had brief eye contact with each other. In essence, you’ve already met him, just not formally. Proceed with caution. Inform the bartender that you would want to pay for whatever drink he normally orders. If he’s a regular, they’ll know what he likes to drink. It’s fine to do it and then leave the business. When he finds out what you did, he could come over the next day to thank you personally.

Meet Single Men

Social gatherings

It should be simple to meet someone at a party, but it doesn’t always work out that way for a majority of people. You might want to get out and socialize instead of standing in the corner or holding up the wall. It is acceptable to be bashful, but try not to remain mute. Walk up to the man you’ve been admiring all night and introduce yourself. Compliment him on what he’s wearing or inquire about what he’s drinking. Begin with a small chat to observe what kind of engagement occurs.


If you’ve been hanging out or going to the same areas and haven’t met anybody special, you might want to try something new. Several one-of-a-kind possibilities present themselves in life, making it possible to meet new individuals. Consider a few of the possibilities above, and you’ll probably recall a handful of lost opportunities that you’ve lately missed.