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If you are tired of your relationship and want more excitement and passion in life, then Victoria Milan suits you perfectly. At Victoria Milan you can find local hookups, an internet flirtation, or lifelong love, it all depends on what you yourself are looking for. The site was launched in 2010 in Norway by Digisec Media Limited.

They offer a simple registration of a free account which you can then upgrade to a premium membership. Since its start in 2010 in Norway, Victoria Milan has been at the forefront and led the development forward. The adult dating site today has about 3.2+ million members all over Europe but that number is steadily increasing every day.


Victoria Milan has a simple web design that makes it easy to navigate the site. Once you have registered an account, you get access to a number of different functions. One of the most popular features is that you can add profiles as favorites. By adding a profile as a favorite, you can easily go back to the profile and send a message.

As a member, you can also easily choose between several different profiles and sort out those that do not interest you. Victoria Milan has a number of filters that are easy to use, which you can use to get the perfect match that would suit you.

Some of the filters you can use are:

  • Age
  • Distance
  • Sex
  • Interests
  • Appearance
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Victoria Milan offers everyone who creates an account to take a test. The test is a mixture of a personality test and a test to map your preferences. By doing that test, you give the site the conditions to give you a good match. Giving honest and thoughtful answers to the test is important.

When you do, you get a match faster that can lead you to the perfect deal. By doing the test, you save time, because you do not have to go through profiles that would not suit you at all.

Victoria Milan Cost

Victoria Milan currently has an offer where you can create an account for free. If you then want to upgrade your account to a premium membership, you get a 20% discount. Victoria Milan offers three different types of membership packages.

By developing several different packages, they have given more people the opportunity to use the site.

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One of the most common complaints Victoria Milan receives is that members consider them to have high prices. The company has worked hard to face this complaint and has therefore developed various packages for membership.

Another complaint the site has received is that they are a site that contributes to people in relationships being unfaithful. All members are on there by their own choice and the site just wants to give people a safe place to be themselves, without anyone judging them. Everyone has different personalities, life stories, reasons, and preferences. For some, Victoria Milan is not right at all, while for others it is exactly the site they were looking for.

Victoria Milan has also received some complaints that there are many fake profiles on the website. The company behind the site has tried to make it clear that they absolutely do not make fake profiles, as it would be counterproductive for the service. Should they create their own fake profiles to attract members, it would quickly mean that serious members left them. It is only a successful match that leads to an established deal that is what Victoria Milan strives for.