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Fed up with dating apps that promise a world of options yet fails to deliver superbly on any? Looking for something – let’s just say it – more genuine, more focused, and more upfront? Allow me to introduce you to Headero, an app that boldly places itself in the heart of one particular aspect of human connectivity: oral pleasure. It’s a breath of fresh air from other platforms that hide behind the guise of “dating” or “networking,” as Headero gets straight to the point. This is the app standing tall against societal taboos, challenging old norms, and carving out a space for everyone – absolutely everyone – to revel in the sweet delights of oral pleasure.

Now, you might wonder, why this particular focus for Headero? The answer is both enthralling and holds social importance. If your interest is tingled and you’re keen to know what sets Headero apart, you’ll want to keep reading. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, Headero has created a haven for you to explore that – within a community as varied as human desires. So, stick with me as we explore what makes Headero not just another dating app, but a freeing force in the world of sexual exploration.


  • Year Launched: 2021
  • User Base Size: 100K+ Members as of May 25, 2024
  • Target Demographic: Adults 18+ who are open to casual dating and are fans of oral pleasure. Inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations.
  • Unique Features: Advanced filters, guidelines-rating feature, inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities.
Headero Dating Site


First Glance: Right off the bat, the app lays its cards on the table which I found to be refreshingly honest. There’s a wealth of information about Headero and its vibrant community, along with a slew of intriguing reads on their blog.
Design: The design is sleek and user-friendly, making getting around the app a total breeze.
Unique Features: Besides its emphasis on oral pleasure, the app spices things up with 24 kinks up for grabs.
I found navigating through both the site and app to be smooth and intuitive – the modern design definitely enhances the whole user experience.

Matchmaking Features

Headero gives you plenty of options to find your match in a way that feels right for you. Fancy being super specific? Go ahead, use those advanced filters to sort by gender identity and sexuality. Prefer to let fate decide? The app’s matching algorithm has got you covered. Plus, you can rate users on how well they’re keeping the vibe respectful and true to community guidelines. The only catch? No video calls. So, if seeing is believing for you, you’ll have to take the conversation off-app for that.

Costs and Membership

Payment Plans and Revenue Model intertwine as Headero operates on a Freemium model. With its core offerings available for free, it entices users to opt for additional premium features through in-app purchases. For a more enriched experience, users can upgrade to “Bliss Mode”, Headero’s premium service for $4.99 per week. The revenue flows from these subscriptions and a sprinkle of ads showcased to the non-paying users, establishing a balance between accessibility and a steady revenue stream.

Common Complaints

When I looked for negative user reviews on Headero, I found the same kind of complaint that can be found on any other dating site – the infamous “bot” issue. But it genuinely looks like Headero may have cleaned up its act. My experience in October 2024 was bot-free and all-human. So, if you’ve been holding back because of that, it might be time to give Headero another look.

Headero Dating App


Headero has a keen understanding of its audience and crafts a unique, playful experience that makes you feel as though you’ve struck gold in the dating arena, assuming casual fun is your jam. Now, if you’re on a quest for something more earnest, the familiar territories of Tinder and OkCupid are always there. But let’s face it, Headero adds its own distinctive flavor to the dating app scene, marking itself as a standout choice for those reveling in its niche offering.