Best Trans Dating Sites and Apps

The word transgender or simply trans has been misunderstood in many social circles. It simply means a person is classified as male or female when they are neither. Moreover, this includes those with a female body and male genitalia or predominantly male body but female genitalia. Alternatively, there are those with a male body but with feminine feelings or, at times, pronounced breasts.

Trans people need to date, so some sites and apps cater to these needs. Finding a date on the street or in a pub for trans persons can be a real challenge. That is why the new sites that cater to their sexual needs are most welcome for them. Below you find the best and safe TS dating sites for 2024.

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Good trans dating sites have client-friendly services, and they don’t seek to demean, exploit or objectify their trans clients. The main aim of the sites is to ensure that clients in the trans category meet the persons they desire to be with. Below are the features that trans persons should look for in an online dating platform.


Good sites don’t force their trans clients to identify with any gender if they don’t want to. This means that trans persons can only identify with the gender that they wish. The first sign of this flexibility is the availability of more than two gender identities on the registration form.

You should look out that the site allows you not to state your gender if you don’t wish to. It is your right to refuse to state your gender if you don’t want to, and you should only state your gender if you feel comfortable doing so. Moreover, it might take some time to adjust accordingly before feeling comfortable enough to reveal your gender.


Some words should sound the alarm if you are a trans person, and the kind of terminology used by the site will tell you whether they respect you or not. Words such as queer should immediately sound the alarm. Moreover, these colloquial terms used on the street should not find their way to an online dating platform.

The problem with derogatory words is that they also tend to influence the behavior of members of the site. Some people tend to chase trans persons around as a kind of trophy just for their special sexuality. If they get words that encourage this weird pursuit, they will feel justified in their immoral behavior.


Everyone, shemale or not, wants to enjoy personal privacy when engaging on dating sites. A situation where you communicate to everyone and communicate to you is unacceptable. Moreover, you should be in a position to choose the people you want to engage with. It is important, particularly for trans persons.

Online dating sites where people send you messages just because you are a trans individual are not good. You should have the right to communicate with the people you like, and you should also be able to terminate communication with such unwanted pursuers. This is where the people who think trans people are some peculiar phenomenon to be examined naked.


The numerous sites that have come up in the dating realm have pushed competition a whole notch higher. Sites are desperate to push up the number of successful dates they have enabled in the past. To do this, some literally push you to go out with the other person as soon as possible, which is pretty bad for non-trans people, but it is worse for trans persons.

Trans persons had probably faced a lot of disappointments in the past when they tried to strike relationships. Many people develop cold feet when they learn that their potential mate is trans. Even worse, some think it is a fetish to date a trans person. Either way, the trans person ends up disappointed.

Consequently, most trans persons are very cautious when seeking a new relationship. They try to avoid past disappointments, and the last thing they want is to be pushed into a date with some vague acquaintance. Any trans person who comes across a site that implies that dates are flying should just avoid it.


No one should harass you on the grounds that you are trans. If you have stated in your registration that you are trans, that does not make your rights less those of anyone else. Many sites state that they are trans-friendly, but they don’t sensitize their employees in customer care. So you may experience some demeaning words or actions when being attended to.

In case you experience any form of harassment from the customer care department, report this by email or phone to the authorities. If that does not get a favorable response, you should assume it is the company’s policy and quit. There are better sites out there, do well to find them. Additionally, never stay where you are not being treated with respect.


There is absolutely no reason you should pay more than anyone else just because you are a trans person. As clearly stated earlier, being trans is not an abnormality. It is just that everyone else tries to classify you into a gender you don’t belong to because they don’t see more than two options: male and female. So why should you pay more than those who are comfortable with their classification?

Some sites strongly believe that it is difficult for trans persons to get a date, so they take advantage by levying more fees for their trans clients. There is no justification for that since it is simply discrimination. A good site will not charge you more just because you are in the trans category. Try to find a more understanding site because there are many out there.


Good trans sites will not force you to identify your gender, and they also offer many more options than the basic male and female categories. Nonetheless, this is the first sign to look out for. Good sites also provide general privacy for users, including non-trans users, and they don’t try to push people into dates just to push up the statistics. Likewise, they give the dating process room for natural progression.

Just because your sexual needs may be different from someone else does not mean you must pay more. Nonetheless, good dating sites train their customer care personnel to handle trans persons with respect.

These sites don’t tolerate discrimination against any client on the site, and they also take immediate action if any complaints of the sort come up. This is discrimination and should not be tolerated.

However, a site that meets all these requirements may not be the first you find, but there are enough of them out there.