10 Ways To Help Him Last Longer In Bed

It is not a new phenomenon that men have easier orgasms than women and also ejaculates much faster. It generally takes twenty minutes for a woman and five minutes for a man to reach the same level of arousal.

Premature ejaculation is actually the most common sexual disorder in men under 40. This means that there is a high probability that you have experienced it in your relationship. But there are ways to help him last longer, and we’ve gathered our top 10 tips to your rescue!



Varying sex positions during intercourse usually helps him to endure a little longer because he is interrupted and has to take a short break. Therefore, make sure that you change after a few minutes and vary between three to four different positions.


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If you focus on him using back-and-forth movements during penetration instead of in-and-out movements and vary between the two types, it helps him to be able to stay longer and it will also be more comfortable for you. In this way, you get both clitoral stimulation and penetration at the same time, a guaranteed striking combination. Most important of all, however, is that you try your hand and find what suits you both best.



Kegel exercises are not only good for you but also good for your partner. Tell him that he can practice his endurance through squeezing exercises. In addition to increasing his stamina, it is also good for potency and increases his control. And the best part is that he can practice at any time: at work, at home or on the walk!

It is important to think about current squeezing exercises so that he should find the right muscles. It is best to relax the buttocks and then squeeze the muscle around the rectum and forward towards the penis.

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A penis ring can help your partner to last longer and also make it more comfortable for you as the erection becomes stronger. To top it off, there are also penis rings with clitoral stimulation which can increase pleasure for both of you.


Try to limit doggy style because it is a position that most men get out of really quickly, which is not strange because it is a very sexy position for both the woman and the man. If both are really aroused, it also results in the man coming even faster because he senses the mood on your part.


Train his endurance with the squeezing technique. This means that he squeezes with his thumb and forefinger below the glans when he reaches climax. It stops ejaculation. You can practice this together, but he can also practice it alone.


Having great sex is not necessarily directly linked to him staying hard longer. Do not rush the foreplay and instead let your desires be in focus. It also helps both of you to have a deeper orgasm. Sex is not just penetration, there is so much more to it! Experimenting and foreplay are something only the imagination can set limits on.


Trying to think of something else when he feels too turned on can help him a lot. This is because it destroys the excitement a bit and it then takes a little extra time to reach the same level again. For example, he may think of boring things like his job (if it’s boring) or some interest he has that is not arousing like maybe football.


The tenser he is, the faster he comes. Tensioning has a connection to how easy it is to have an orgasm for both men and women. This is precisely why it is good for women to train the pelvic floor muscles and to do squeezing exercises. So make sure he can relax more. A massage as a prelude may do the trick or use positions where he tenses less. Try it out!


It is said that heat intensifies arousal and that cold impairs it. Therefore, try playing with ice when he gets too excited and see if it works for you. It can also act as a tension booster, as it can be exciting to do something new. If you are in the shower, you can even try to take a little colder water on him when it starts to get too hot.


But most important of all is that you have a dialogue with your partner and tell them how you feel. It can easily happen that you as a woman may feel disappointed and not really know how to take up the subject. But there is really nothing to be ashamed of and it is something most couples go through.

Talk to your partner and be honest and tell them how you feel. Sex life is perhaps the most important part of most couples. Even if you do not believe it, your partner wants you to enjoy it too, but he can not know how you feel and what you experience if you do not tell him. The more you enjoy the more he will also enjoy and you will thus reach new levels of enjoyment together that neither he nor you thought was possible.

Also, take these tips mainly as a source of inspiration and try what you both feel comfortable with. It is important that both are comfortable for you to be able to enjoy them to the maximum. As soon as one does not feel comfortable, the other will feel it, which affects the whole mood. So take the tips with a pinch of salt and adjust the amount to your liking.