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Launched back in 2006 as SeekingArrangement, is still used to this day. It is an elite website that claims to simplify the dating game. It is with this in mind that I decided to give it a try. Founded by an MIT graduate, it is a sugar baby, sugar momma, and sugar daddy website that you might be tempted to use. As the website had already amassed massive popularity, I found it to be a good option overall.

With a user-friendly design that comprises red and white, has a good rating and is regularly used by people looking to date beyond their social circle. Since it can be difficult to find a sugar baby, a sugar momma, or a sugar daddy, the site provides much relief in the dating scene as there are not many other dating sites that cater to the niche.

One of the best things that I found about is that it makes it easy to find a match. Even if you have never used a website or app of a similar nature, you should have no trouble getting a hang of it. Besides, it lets you choose whether to find a sugar baby, a sugar momma, or a sugar daddy. This is something that you cannot expect to do on Bumble or Tinder. The website has even been featured on Forbes, The New York Times, CNN, Playboy, and other platforms. After using the website and app, here is what I found. Screenshot

PLENTY OF FEATURES provides plenty of features. I found it to be very user-friendly. After I joined the website, I entered my demographics. Then, I had to choose between whether I am looking for Success and Wealth or Looks and Charm. It is up to you to decide whether to meet someone wealthy or young and sexy. Lastly, you will need also need to enter your email and birthday as well as upload your picture. After this, I was required to select the location, enter a description, and mention physical characteristics.

The features that are available include video chat along with a VIP room for all verified profiles. You only need to share pictures with people you find trustworthy. Anyone who joins as a sugar baby receives lots of gifts. What I liked about using is that there are no time limits or character limits when it came to chatting. There is no swiping involved which is something that I also liked. While using the app, you never really know who might catch your eye.


As there are a set of parameters that allow to provide the service it promises to offer, I had no issues with my personality. Each user has to provide their information, especially what they are looking for on the platform. This helps ensure that there is nothing left unsaid. 

To gain an insight into the personality of each user, you can go through their profile. If you find someone interesting, you can even ask for a picture and exchange details. The level of detail provided is just enough for you to decide who to reach out to while also keeping the mystery alive.

Seeking Arrangement COST is not a free website. To use the messaging features and connect with the right person, you need to pay a subscription fee. However, to get an idea about the site, you can use its free trial. To use all the features, you will need to pay for a subscription as it is the only way the site earns most of its income.

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There is no denying that does what it is designed to do. This means that it brings a specific type of crowd that comprises sugar babies, sugar daddies, and sugar mommas. It is not a website that is meant for traditional dating as there is something that each side wants. But, you get what you pay for. Since finding someone that meets your exact requirements is not easy, it is worth using the dating app. Besides, sugar babies get to earn money through the app which means that the site is technically free. The negative criticism that has received does not affect its reputation as everyone needs to understand its purpose. Thus, is definitely worth using.