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Dating is anything but easy for transgender people. However, things have gotten better ever since TSDates.com came out. It provides the perfect platform for transgender people to find someone. As someone who identifies as transgender, I wanted to use a website that specifically caters to my community. This is why I decided to give TSDates a try.

After having used other dating sites, I wanted a more comfortable experience where I know that I would not feel left outside the conversation. Luckily, I got to try out a website that offers everything that I need and more. If you are thinking about using TSDates, here is everything you need to know about the website from my experience.

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TSdates.com Review

Guest access

When you create an account on TSDates, you are given guest access to the platform. New users will get a tour of everything the website has to offer. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities. Having an overview of TSDates would ensure that you make the most of it. What I liked about the website is that it even provides the option to use webcam chat when communicating with fellow users. You can also access a host of features such as activity feeds and social media.

As you navigate the website, you will come to appreciate everything TSDates.com has to offer. It provides a genuine community vibe. In fact, you will find the website to resemble any other social network platform. There is a search function that you can use to look for a match based on location, age, and the like. But, there is even more. You even have the option to join a group created by members and read blogs. This means that you can find a match through various avenues.


With access to a variety of options, you get to decide which type of desires and lifestyles you want someone to have. It is obvious why TS Dates has quickly become the fastest-growing website for transgender people. There are more than 80 million users worldwide who rely on the site to find love or hook up.

When it comes to getting to know other members, you can either rely on instant chat, email messaging, or chat rooms. You should have no trouble starting a conversation with anyone. In fact, you would get to see whether they are even online or not. Otherwise, you can look for people to socialize with by using the search bar. Moreover, you should be able to find someone based on location as well. I mostly texted people who were online and got replies almost instantly.

Now, I also noticed that some unique features provided by TS Dates include points that allow you to buy things on the website, adult movies that you can watch and even private online parties which lets you have a celebration with fellow users. I liked “What Is Hot?” as well as it allowed me to find the hottest users and materials on TS Dates.

With more single transgender people on the website than anywhere else, I had a great experience using the website. Everyone who is open to dating a transsexual can use the website. It truly is inclusive and makes it possible for you to engage with others. The overall atmosphere on TS Dates is also quite welcoming as everyone seemed to be friendly. Therefore, it makes it possible for transsexuals to find companionship and love. Even if you are just starting out with online dating, you will find the experience to be laid-back and accepting.

The registration process offered by TS Dates is intuitive and straightforward. It should take about 2 minutes for you to complete the registration process. However, you will need to spend more time personalizing your profile and giving it a unique touch. Finding matches was easier than I thought.

The website allows all types of personalities to give companionship a shot. With most people open and curious about dating a transsexual, you can expect to find someone to share your time with. I did use both the social and search channels to find a match and it seemed to have worked out in my favor.

TSDates Cost

New users can use TSDates.com for free. However, the features are limited unless you pay to become a paid member. Only then would you be able to send or reply to messages. Besides, you have to subscribe to take advantage of instant messaging and send icebreakers. Also, free users only get access to basic search filters, whereas, paid membership provides advanced filtering options.

Opting for a paid experience is rather straightforward on TSDates. You can pay $7.95 for a 3-day trial. It would allow you to get a hang of the website to decide whether it is the right fit for you or not. I did find my experience to be worthwhile which is why I decided to opt for a paid membership. You have the option to pay $40 for a monthly plan or $81 for a 3-month plan. But, the 12-month plan costs $240 a year and is a much better option.

Common Complaints about TSDates.com

The main complaint that users have is that TSDates.com is quite expensive. The features available are limited if you do not become a paid member. Another con that you should consider is that it is quite easy for people to fake their personalities. Therefore, it is possible for anyone to lie about their looks and age.

Overall, TS Dates is the perfect website for transsexuals to hook up and find a lasting relationships. The registration process is quite easy and helps you save time. Besides, you can connect with the community in a number of ways. Therefore, you would feel like you are a part of something bigger. TS Dates is definitely worth trying as it has a lot to offer all types of users. Even if you are just curious, you should check it out.