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  • Majority women
  • For sexual encounters
  • High matching success

Intense meetups without restrictions

C-Date was founded in 2008 and is a leader in finding simple relationships. In other words, C-Date has been around for just over a decade in collaboration with the owner Interdate SA. During that time, C-Date has helped thousands of people find their passionate date.

One of C-Date’s unique features is that the website uses maximum protection to avoid fake profiles and fraud.

The other unique feature is that C-Date has members of all ages, and different orientations, and a variation on why they are on C-Date. The user base depicts itself from searching for a potential marriage to a passionate fling.

The usability is very good

To the left of the home page, you will find a box for registration. There you choose whether you are a woman or a man, and what you are looking for.

The registration is completely free and it is specified that;

  1. It is anonymous, secure, and non-binding.
  2. It uses discreet partner searches.
  3. They have a serious profile check and manual controls for all photos.

The actual design of the website is really user-friendly. It is easy to navigate the site without too many features. C-Date also has a simple app that fits iOS and Android.

C-Date does not require a profile picture to be able to write or search for other members, but they protect the user’s anonymity. Instead, they have invested in profile protection and manual control of the images.

After the user has created an account, you get an alternative image of a very attractive woman and a beautiful man. Then you are asked, “Who is turning you on?”

Once you have chosen who you think is most attractive, you get to choose where you geographically are. This makes it easier for C-Date to find close potential partners in your area.

Love has absolutely no geographical boundaries, but sometimes the passionate encounter can be closer than you actually think it is.

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The personality test

The reason why C-Date works well is that all users get selected contact suggestions that are based on their preferences and where they geographically live.

Because membership costs money, it also keeps the unscrupulous away from the platform. This means that they are only a few men competing for a woman. Therefore, C-Date has a higher success rate for men. As many as 63% of men get dates on the platform.

The larger success rate means that C-Date has a larger membership base than most dating sites and this is a clear advantage for users.

C-Date cost

Users can choose between different memberships and must commit for at least 3 months if they do not choose basic membership (free).

The basic membership provides an opportunity to create a profile and see available users nearby. Unfortunately, it does not provide an opportunity to see other people’s profile pictures completely or to write to them.

The prices for membership are not too high and the price becomes cheaper the longer the membership you choose.

One of C-Date’s nice additions is that it is free for women to use Premium.

CDate Reviews

Common complaints about C-Date

A common complaint about C-Date is that it is primarily for casual dating and that many users are not looking for long-term relationships. Many people say that they are not looking for a relationship and then find love a few weeks later.

The second complaint is that the customer service has no live chat, however, C-Date continuously filters the website for fake profiles.

The pricing of dating sites is a question that always arises, but C-Date attaches great importance to anonymity, which makes up for the price of membership in comparison with other dating sites.